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[Adventure Map] Hell's Buttons II - Corona Hunt - 1.12.2

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Enertoutpuissant avatar Enertoutpuissant
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Looking for a map related to the current crisis or simply a nice adventure? Corona Hunt is for you! The map uses an innovative system where finding and pressing a button will make a new floating island appear!

Compared to the first map, we've upgraded the builds, invented custom items and organized boss fights. This map is on another level now.


"You died again!? Oh geez what a bother... Well I think you can be useful this time! The Corona Virus has taken over Hell, and it's killing thousands!! We need your help to eliminate it! Find all the buttons (1 per island) to reach the source of the pandemix and destroy it! Good luck on your adventure in this Hell..."

Watch the trailer to get a better glimpse at the map! Then get started on this map that will keep you busy for 2-3hrs!
Solo & Multiplayer Friendly
Minimal render distance: 8 chunks

Playthrough with all buttons:

Progress100% complete

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