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Rogue Dungeons: A Minecraft Dungeon Crawler

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phaic avatar phaic
Level 47 : Master Llama
    Rogue Dungeons [​1.15.2]
            Released on


Latest map version: Release 1.6
Map size with resource pack: 521 MB
Without resource pack: 84 MB
Use ONLY Minecraft Version 1.15.2
Resource Pack contains all of the item models & the soundtrack. Please play the map with the Resource Pack, as it contains the music & textures.

My Patreon: www.patreon.com/phaic


A map about travelling through several different landscapes, dungeons, and dimensions in order to stop the Corrupter of Dimensions. She will stop at nothing until everything is under her control, and only you can stop her. Fight your way through the dungeons she has already corrupted in an attempt to stop her from corrupting all 5 Altars.


All weapons & armor pieces are placed into chests at random, adding some Rogue-Like elements to the map. Mini Bosses will put up a tough fight, but can reward you with fantastic items and accessories. At the end of each floor awaits an Altar Guardian, corrupted by Meridia, and now attempting to stop you from proceeding. Hidden void realms offer mysterious items that have no known use (or do they?), and they can be found on every second area of each floor. With over 300 weapons at your disposal, this map is about finding what weapons work and which ones don't. Combine these weapons with accessories and armor to create the ultimate setup, and destroy Meridia once and for all.

If you find any bugs be sure to message me on discord! Link below

                  Discord Server:
                Click here to join!


  • 300+ Unique Weapons
  • 20+ Boss Battles
  • 5 Dungeon Floors
  • 50+ Accessory Items
  • Armor with Unique Set Bonuses
  • Original Complete Soundtrack composed by myself
  • Custom Textures & Effects
  • 4 Different Difficulties
  • Cut Scenes
  • Shops
  • Bosses with Strong Abilities!
  • Random Loot
  • 10+ Special Bows & Crossbows
  • Puzzles & Exploring
  • Loads of Secrets
  • Custom Weapon Crafting System
  • Custom Potion Brewing
  • Magical Weapons & Armor Sets
  • I've spent over 600 hours working on this map
  • Estimated 6+ hours of content
  • Over 2000 command blocks
  • Up to 4 player multiplayer compatibility

  • Do not save and quit the game after starting a boss battle, this has a high chance of breaking the map and leaving you stuck
  • Use a minimum of 10 chunk render distance
  • Stay in Adventure Mode
  • Have Fun!
When the map is released, Optifine will be recommended!
This map, and Minecraft in general, runs better with Optifine installed so I highly recommend it for this map!

Is the map multiplayer?
Yes, the map is multiplayer with up to 4 players
Where is the gate key?
If you can't find the 'gate key' check out the pit underneath the crystal
Are you going to add more to the map?
I am not planning on adding any more content, unless you consider bug patches as content
Have you made any other maps?
This is my first ever adventure map I have released, so no
How do I find void shards?
Void shards are found in area 2 of every floor. They are tucked away in the most hidden spots so you will have to search for it carefully.
Is the map playable with friends?
I have made some minor adjustments to the map to help with some multiplayer compatibility, but beware of bugs. You should be good to go with a maximum of 4 players.
Do you recommend playing it single player?
Yes, I do recommend this. It was initially designed to be a single player map. I added multiplayer compatibility sort of last minute because of how many people were requesting it. But what can I say, playing with friends makes everything more fun, so that is for you to decide!
When will you release your next map?
I just spent a year on this map so it will take some time before my next one comes out. I doubt I will be working on it for over a year, and I already have a lot of the base mechanics implemented that I want to use. In the mean time, try out this map and find out all of it's secrets. If you make a gameplay of my map you can send it in my discord and I would love to check it out!
How do I get the good ending?
The good ending is obtained by getting all 5 Void Shards and throw them into the Void Teleporter. I won't spoil where this portal takes you, but just know that Meridia is not finished...
Should I check out Phaic's Patreon?
Yes, yes you should :)

Be sure to leave a diamond if you are enjoying the map!

Also check out my YouTube channel where I will be uploading soundtracks from this map and maybe even a walkthrough of the map. Will also eventually post information about my next map which is still a work in progress ;)

Have Fun! I've worked on this map for over a year and it means a lot to me that you are checking this out!
Thanks to everyone for all of the support, it means so much to me <3
Progress100% complete

37 Update Logs

Update #37 : by phaic 03/07/2022 4:32:45 amMar 7th, 2022

Fun fact: This map released on March 5th 2021, and my new map Survive the Backrooms released exactly a year later on March 5th 2022. I didn't even realize until just now! Be sure to go check out that map if you like my content, and stay tuned for info on Burglary Blitz, my next map...

Thanks for the support with this map, I am so happy that so many people got to play it and had fun :))

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03/07/2022 3:47 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Engineer
AgentIllusion73 avatar
I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday Rogue Dungeons!
02/27/2022 4:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
leKeap avatar
We are playing this map on a server and during the quest where you have to kill 60 Demons we killed 60 together but it didnt stop so I just killed them until one of as had 60 and then I got teleported but my friend cant play anymore because they always die for no reason. The server console always spams "...tried to crash the server with a large health attribute" do you know how to fix this? We really enjoyed the map to this point and would really love to finish it. Killing them, teleporting them and setting them to creative all didnt work and no I dont know what to do anymore.
Would appreciate a reply.
02/27/2022 4:31 pm
Level 47 : Master Llama
phaic avatar
Hey sorry you experienced this! I haven't seen any other party have this issue so I am not quite sure what is going on but try running /kill @a which will kill all players to see if that works. I am not sure what that message means in the console maybe it is due to an enemy with large health but I don't know why it would spam the console. If issues persist feel free to message me on discord, I respond much quicker there than here
02/11/2022 4:24 pm
Level 42 : Master Taco
MrSquareFacePant avatar

Dude, this is awesome
01/16/2022 6:33 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Maydangel avatar
That was a short but awesome map !

Musics, mechanics, a great work ! Thank u man !
01/16/2022 6:01 pm
Level 47 : Master Llama
phaic avatar
Hoping it wasn't too short! Glad you had fun
11/18/2021 10:53 am
Level 25 : Expert Ranger
NearbyGoose avatar
absolutely amazing!!!
Thanks for this great map!
10/23/2021 3:15 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
TSFortin avatar
Umm so there is this bug where i keep on falling into the trap in the dessert level
10/24/2021 12:12 am
Level 47 : Master Llama
phaic avatar
Hm, you could try typing something like
/kill @e[​name="Dusty Zombie"]
One might have gotten stuck where the entrance trigger is
09/04/2021 9:47 am
Level 1 : New Network
DeadX avatar
Awesome work!
I'd love to include this on our server. We'd of cause credit you and link to this page if we're allowed to use it ^-^
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