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Age of Empires II African Village "Donga"

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misterich avatar misterich
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
This project here is a village built by me in one week. It is built up by the Imperial Age buildings from the African cultures from Age of Empires II: The African Kingdoms and I named it "Donga" - based on Dongola; a former Nubian capital. The African buildings from the Imperial Age show more or less the Nubian building style from their medieval age, except of the monastary, which is a ghanian building.
After some tries I decided to build mostly with smooth sandstone, because most other blocks would be to close to near east and the the colour of the terracotta blocks are just not fitting. Each building is build in orange team colour.
This villiage has the following AoE II Buildings:
  1. Monastary
  2. Town Centre
  3. Castle
  4. Mill
  5. Market
  6. Sieges Workshop
  7. House (all 3)
  8. Stable
  9. Archery
  10. Barracks
  11. Blacksmith
  12. Trade Workshop
  13. Docks
  14. University
Some other African Buildings like the Keep are not in Donga but you find an upload for them easly if you you just follow the link to the african building set collection at End of this description.

This upload is a schematic that can only be imported by World Edit, which is a minecraft mod. Don't worry - if you don't want to mod you Minecraft -there is an upload for each building in .nbt data file format like I did at the Near East Buldings. Like the Near East buildings I've uploaded anything without interior.
After the next major update for the RP-World you can also go to the orginal Donga. This orginal houses will have interior and you don't need to import anything to one of your worlds to see them. For the RP-World use the Link at description's end.

Please take a look at my collections; a diamond for these means more to me than for a single project.

See also:
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Comments are very welcome

CreditCreated by Misterich based on Microsofts Age of Empires II: The African Kingdoms
Progress100% complete

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Description-Update : by misterich 04/28/2020 2:37:14 pmApr 28th, 2020

Now there is an standalone upload for each building so I don't need to have a text here about what I am going to do....

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03/31/2020 4:06 pm
Level 20 : Expert Procrastinator
Maylindria avatar
I think it turned out great! I could not get this much done in one week to tell the truth xD
03/31/2020 4:07 pmhistory
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
misterich avatar
Well it's quarantine-time; it's just hard to me to upload something without interior, because most times I am the first one who criticized that on other people
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