Age of Mythology Wonder "Mausoleum at Halicarnassus"

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Level 45 : Master Architect

This project is a rebuild of the world wonder from the Greek people of Hades in Microsoft’s Game Age of Mythology in blue team colour. In the real world it was the “Mausoleum at Halikarnassos”; positioned in “Bodrum”, Turkey. The Mausoleum was on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Only the Pyramids survived longer from the seven wonders than the Mausoleum that got much damaged in 12 th century and destroyed by natural processes and human hand in the following 200 years. Today there are only a few pillars remaining.

Instead of the most wonders I build from AoE or AoM is this really supposed to serve as a mausoleum.

I am big fan of Age of Mythology and the Age of Empires Series. After I finished my first replicas of the AoE castles I started to try also AoE wonders and AoM wonders, especially the Egyptian ones are very important to me.

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Dieses Projekt ist ein Nachbau des Weltwunders der Griechischen Verehrer des Hades aus dem Spiel Age of Mythology von Microsoft in der Teamfarbe Blau. Das AoM Model basiert auf dem „Mausoleum von Halikarnassos“ in der heutigen Türkei. Das Mausoleum war eines der sieben Weltwunder und nur die immer noch stehenden Pyramiden haben länger gehalten als dieses Grabmal. Im zwölften Jahrhundert wurde ein großer Teil des Gebäudes wahrscheinlich durch ein Erdbeben schwer beschädigt. In den kommenden 200 Jahren gaben natürliche Prozesses und menschlicher Abbau und Wiederverwertung dem Gebäude den Rest, sodass heute nur noch einige wenige zerbrochenen Säulen übrig sind.

Dieses Gebäude wurde im Gegensatz zu den Meisten anderen AoE/AoM Wunder von mir auch tatsächlich als Mausoleum konzipiert.

Ich bin ein großer Fan der Age of Empires/Mythology Serie. Nach der Fertigstellung einiger AoE Burgen ging ich den Schritt weiter und begann mit dem Nachbau der Wunder von AoE und AoM.

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CreditCreated by Mister_Ich
Progress100% complete

07/05/2018 2:26 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
Oh hey mate. Nice to see that AoM isn't forgotten :D
I'm a bit of a connoisseur for building AoM stuff in Minecraft, and I couldn't walk past your build. Lemme share some thoughts on how I feel personally

1. I like the overall build and I'm pretty happy with the shape you've gone for (although I would make it a bit taller, but might just be me)
2. I highly recommend, however, straying away from gold blocks in building big flat walls. I know it's authentically correct, but there's no words in english to describe how awful the grid pattern of the thing looks. Try yellow concrete powder of yellow terracotta instead, it looks way nice to the eyes. Same for Lapis block.
3. Golden triangle bits at the overhang look kinda wierd, but I can't say I have a clue on how to do them justice. I would make them out of stairs and slabs, but there's no golden slabs or stairs (which makes me sad, if I'm honest)
4. Taking creative liberty is a good idea, but I feel like the entrance isn't exactly benefiting from being enlarged. Keeping it smaller might've been a better choice.
5. Columns that support the overhang are a big missed opportunity. Their shape is very basic and their hieght/width ratio doesn't translate the original ones in the slightest. What you can do is add some organic-looking shape to make columns less wide as well as more pleasant to look at without compromising the shape of the build, especially since you've got 3x3 wide columns which are very easy to make look good.
6. The in-game model of the Mausoleum had windows in the bottom part of the structure and a lot of vegetation, such as cypress trees, vines and flowerbeds. I feel like those should be added if not to be authentic, but to at least break up the colorscheme and to act as nice bit of organic detail.

This might seems like a lot, but even through vanilla commands I think it might take about thirty minutes to fix. That said, I really like what you've done and I hope to see some more stuff out of you :D
07/05/2018 4:09 pm
Level 45 : Master Architect
I can understand most of your points; not all but most. Btw. this building was created about three years ago togther with thw wonder of Gaia that will be uploaded tomorrow. I do not like the terracotta blocks because they have no borders like to gold plat but they were also no possible to use when I built that. Also it creats an illusion of gilded plates what would be more reallistic. The missing windows and plants are correct. Three years ago I was really bad in creating gardes so I never did to avod embressing myself. The windows are not easy because I do not want to break the design at that high but I think on it.

I had also uploaded the Seth Wonder once with some changes to the AoM orginal Version. If you remove the garden and the glas dome and everything interior you would also have the AoM version back.

I have seen your AoM world. Looks good. Really. I would ask for your oppinion for some egyptian buildings I have built but they are not uploaded as a stand alone. You can find them on the RP world in the village of Raqoté. If you use the like down this text you should get to the RP-World. In the video (8:50) there is a short fly about Raqoté; not perfect but good enogth to see the Egyptian AoM normal building replics. I do not know the English ingame name because I never played a non German version so I evaluate their names; Barracks, Blacksmith, Shrine/Temple, Town Hall (ok your Seth statue is much better).
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