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Aircraft Carrier ACV-17 Jaunt

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Level 28 : Expert Engineer
Designed as naval aviation came to its fruition, the Jaunt class of carrier was in essence a redesign of a redesign; based on the shared hull of the Cantavillion and Lurelian battleships, it was a ship of tremendous size, however the original class had a design leaving much to be desired. The deck was too narrow and the lack of sufficient catapult facilities slowed launches, as well as having a cramped and undersized hangar bay. These issues were addressed with the Jaunt class; essentially a redesign of the upper decks, the original hangar deck became a stowage bay for additional aircraft and parts, as well a workshop to help fix damaged components. On top of the original hangar, a new hangar was constructed being tremendously larger allowing for nearly double the amount of aircraft to be carried. Another significant change lay in the anti-aircraft armaments, which was overhauled to allow for better all-around coverage of the ship. A new powerplant and additional screw were fitted to help keep the optimal speed of 32 knots, whilst the weight of the ship was increased drastically. The final major change to the design lay in the superstructure, which was lengthened and had better detection and range-finding devices to direct air traffic and coordinate with other vessels of the fleet. The main vulnerability of the class lay in its lack of defence against other surface combatants as well as submarines. As such, at least 4 destroyers and 1 light cruiser were recommended to escort the vessel on any combat patrol.

Form the core of your new fleet with the ACV-17 Jaunt class aircraft carrier and take to the skies with tremendous force. This build can be used on any public or private projects, as long as credit is given to uglyfatso - minecraft username - or Ledbog - pmc username -.

*Greenfield and the Greenfield texture pack are property of their respective owners, I use them as they are simply splendid and fit my every desire.
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06/01/2018 10:45 pm
Level 1 : New Network
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nice job m8!
06/02/2018 9:44 am
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
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Thank you!
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