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avatar ninjalifeboy14
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
Hi! Welcome to my Minecraft map made all by hand including custom terrain without using any MCEdit!
Make Sure To Read Everything! :)

***New Zombie Survival Version of this map Coming Soon!***

Survival Games A work forever in progress...
I also need you'r help with some maps so give me some ideas!! :) :)

I also am not good with red stone or command blocks so there might be some bugs but just post the bugs in the comments :)
I am also open to any one that wants to help me with the redstone and command blocks
Your help will be very appreciated

For right now this is all i got...this world will never be finished because i will constantly be adding more and more maps
so share you map ideas with me and ill try my best to build them!

You may not change this map, upload it, then call it your own!
You do have permission to do your own youtube videos for it
You also have permission to use this map for PRIVATE Servers only. If you want to use a map in your PUBLIC server please message me.
I also recommend keeping a back-up of this world for easy world restart axcess...


Current Maps:
Destructed Base (size: 150x150)
Sand Village (size: 50x50)
Ruined City (size: 350x350)
Haunted Resort (size: 100x100)
Mycelium Land (size: 100x100)

Update v1.1
Added More chests with loot
Added a little more detail to terrain
Made save to minecraft v1.8 only

Update v1.2
Added New "key" play theme
Added Kills Scoreboard
Added a little bit more loot in chests
Added/Changed Rules
Added More Time Selection (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Midnight)
Added a little more detail to Maps
You now spawn with Bow and Sword
Made Maps more resource pack friendly
Finished Map name: "Ruined City" (finally) :D

Update v1.3
Fixed Map issues
Changes Gamemode to Survival
Added a Rule

Update v1.4
Added Map name: "Haunted Resort"
Switched some loot around
Added More Arrows And Food around the Map(s)

Update v1.5
Fixed Map issues

Update v1.6
Added Map name: "Mycelium Land" :D haha
Map name: 'Mycelium Land' has new enchantments for more awesomeness :D
Deleted "Happy New Years" Display

Update v1.7
Added a little Halloween Theme
Fixed some Blocks
Changed some Commands and Redstone
Moved the Bunker Key for Haunted Resort
No longer need to find the Button for Bunkers (Except for in Ruined City)

Update v2.0
Removed Halloween Banner
Recoded command blocks
Updated for use on version 1.13
Progress100% complete

11/25/2014 2:50 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
No Airsoft Players Are Spawning With The Airsoft Mod. Please Help!
11/27/2014 7:50 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
In the spawn area and on the wall where all the levers are turn on the one that says "doMobSpawning"
then try restarting the world and see if that works but keep in mind this was meant to be more of a Multiplayer map so everyone can have fun with their friends :)
I will be making a Zombie Survival version of this world when i get the chance though! :D
so you can play by yourself or with friends :)
09/25/2014 12:52 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
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