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Alanna Ithil - A D'n'D Galactic Elf (Made as a Birthday Present :D)

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This build is a birthday present for my girlfriend whom I care about a lot. :)
I will however forewarn, perhaps a little late, that it's also my first humanoid organic, and the first time I've ever really tried making a full head to toe humanoid in any art form as I've never even fully properly drawn one besides simple things like tiny little cartoon Santas and designs based on characters that exist, like Rimuru Tempest(humanoid), which was really easy to draw as it's really simple. This one, Alanna Ithil, was a lot, lot harder to create, especially due to my lacking experience with creating humanoids to start with. A 3D humanoid? That's a challenge for a first attempt at a non-cartoony person, and so there are a lot of flaws! So, please have mercy; I'm happy with how it turned out and it's just a foundation of things I need to work on for the future. :)
Alanna Ithil - A D'n'D Galactic Elf (Made as a Birthday Present :D) Minecraft Map
As for the character... the character is Alanna Ithil, as I may perhaps have said, and this is a Galactic Elf made for a Dungeons and Dragons game I run with my girlfriend and my best friend together. :D They each control two characters, like I brought up for Falshire's chitchat of a description, and I run the game as the dungeon master, developing and managing the world of Usth their valued characters journey through. Alanna Ithil was her first character, made back near the middle of last year, who has been developing along the way since. Alanna's a tiny four foot tall elf from a distant planet known as Amethyst, originating from the planet's moon as the last of her species, known for their strong potential of magic development after they reach adulthood. She was largely cut off from her society and coveted for this, and kept learning day after day, researching for when she could put it all to use, due to the value the planet placed on her potential. She grew accustomed to it despite not entirely liking it, but the planet was besieged by alien invasions on the regular and one such attack pierced through their defences and grasped hold of their government with mind control, forcing them all to the alien's bidding and turning what was once a bustling technological metropolis relying on magic and inventions into a swiftly problematic dystopia. Rebels rose up to try to stand up and stop them, many of which taking up mantles similar to that of vigilantes, but to this day still struggle to fight back, with the last she knows of it being a tough stand-off with the opposition and a key leading member of the rebels helping her escape to a portal that sent her to a location they had no way of knowing, resulting in her setting foot on Usth. Since then she has met the others of the party and traveled with them, coming into contact with the village of Aggravail and defending against an abrupt undead invasion smashing through the walls, damaging property and killing the guards. From there she accompanied her newfound party to the presumed source of the scourge and got ambushed on the way, almost encountering a total party wipeout to the traps of falling trees and rocks and a slashed rope bridge, leading to their guide collapsing dead in the river. They still made it to the mine though and cleared out a huge threatening zombified troll, many dwarven miners, humanoid and elven guards, flying ghastly wraiths and a leading Wight known as Grumn Soth, and through that they all grew stronger and plundered the undead's collection of items they were mysteriously gathering. The party made their way from there to a bridge, encountering more struggles of undead but ultimately getting across, and then made it to Falshire, which I've largely addressed on its description, and in the present day they're on their way to save a nearby village of Havara.
Overall, Alanna's become a rather vital element of the party, working together heavily with everyone else as a damage dealer, conversationalist, and somehow tank, despite her having the lowest health and armour class, and has provided quite a bit of life to the experience.
Alanna Ithil - A D'n'D Galactic Elf (Made as a Birthday Present :D) Minecraft Map
I decided to build Alanna skipping through a field of colourful flowers, using elements of builds I've made in the past which didn't get as noticed due to my lacking compositional skill at the time, such as the flowers, ladybugs and bees of my Nature At Large build, the squirrels of my Autumn build, and some gears I never actually put to use but made almost two years ago for fun! I feel it all complemented the build quite a bit, and made up for the time I lost due to the struggles I faced in trying to make the face (it was hard!).
Alanna Ithil - A D'n'D Galactic Elf (Made as a Birthday Present :D) Minecraft Map
The gears present represent her Clockwork Soul Sorcerer's Origin type, as every time she casts magic there's an element of clockwork behaviour present within it because of it, and I've built her casting a Chill Touch in the very moment it's happening because thanks to the sheer number of undead it has been her most common casting in the game so far. There are spirals of magical purple and red energy flowing between the gears, around her arms and waist and body and hands, as colours I feel complement her well, and she has a necklace of colourful shiny beads around her neck with a larger purple gem at the front and center. She even has bunny-themed boots too, with the face of bunnies on them! Her skin is completely light blue all over, with flowing shiny lilac hair and blue highlights which turns a darker shade when sad and down and a lighter shade when happy and positive, and currently I went somewhere in the middle for that. Besides that there's also the very clear and obvious purple dress stretching down to just above her knees, flowing around as she skips through the meadow.

I'm happy with how it turned out, and I picked Alanna because I feel she shares a lot in common with my girlfriend personality-wise and she's also the one I felt the most confident in trying first so I was somewhat playing it safe (and I'm glad I did). It could've gone better, but what it ended up as is more than enough for me, so I'm happy, and this is a gift I'm happy to give, knowing I tried my best to make it work and put effort into trying to learn and improve at details like faces a lot during it. :D (The first attempts at the face were like melted muppets - how it turned out is a massive improvement, so I'm satisfied!)
Happy Birthday againnn. :D
And thank you to anyone else curious enough to read through this anyway. xD
CreditSildur's Shaders are the shaders I used for the build, and I made it on Builder's Refuge, making use of WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, Arceon and a little else!
Progress100% complete

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03/23/2021 3:21 pm
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Today is my birthday.. and i am celebrating it myself with this map :_(
04/08/2021 7:36 pm
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Uknownymous avatar
Ah, I'm very late to see this, but happy belated birthday, ShellEyes! :) I'm glad you like the map, and hopefully the birthday had a little more than that personal to you too? :)
03/21/2021 8:03 pm
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As always...there's really not enough words to speak conveying how amazing this is! Thanks so much for sharing. <3
04/08/2021 7:37 pm
Level 48 : Master Architect
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Thank you as always for the kind support Kord. :D You're welcome for me sharing. :) I'm more than happy to - it's fun. ^~^
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