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Alien Isolation In Minecraft FULL SCARY HORROR MAP REMAKE [Bedrock PS4] [High Quality Vanilla, No mods]

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Bedrock Edition
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Level 26 : Expert Miner

Bedrock Console only! sorry!

Instructions to download on PS4:
(I don't know the steps for xbox)
1. Download the zip file to your Desktop, right click it, then click extract files. DO NOT RENAME
2. Plug a USB drive into your PC, and on it, create a folder called "PS4"
3. Go into the folder you just made and make a new folder called "SAVEDATA"
4. On the SAVEDATA folder, put the two extracted files from the zip you downloaded. One of them should be called 33079e322270a8d9
5. Once the files are there, safely remove your USB drive and plug it into your PS4.
6. On your PS4, go to settings > application saved data management > saved data on usb storage device > copy to system storage > minecraft > then copy to your minecraft. The world will now be there when you open minecraft. Make sure to copy the world before you play it.

Please rate the map or comment anything, let me know if something doesn't work!

This map has been in development for over 5 months, and unlike my other maps, I had no help. I built it solely on my own, for what feels like forever, but what was actually 600 hours spread over 5 months. Outlast, my previous project, took 200 hours spread over 2 months, and was my best map until this point, being a fun but creepy and panic inducing minecraft version of the 2013 game of the same name. it was about 1 hour to play, and had a total of 406 command blocks.

This map is a total upgrade from outlast in every way imaginable, and is arguably the best thing I have ever made in Minecraft or in my entire life. Alien isolation is by far my favourite horror game, (2014) and words can't describe just how much it means to me, and I had the pleasure of building this near perfect survival experience block by block. So many changes were made to make the map better. I wanted it to be perfect. The longer I built, the better I got at detailing, which prompted me to go back to sections I had already finished just to improve the detail. It's evident as you play the map, as some sections are detailed better than others. Unlike outlast that has 406 command block, this map has 1321 command blocks. (It took me 4 days to count them all, and there may still be some hidden that I couldn't find)


This map can take 3 or more hours for the average player to complete. Pay attention, be cautious, follow your objectives, and read the rules both in the map, and in the paragraphs below.

Everything I could possibly incorporate is here.
-The access tuner is a pair of chainmail leggings that you can hold to hack in to certain doors or systems. DO NOT WEAR IT! IT WILL BREAK EASILY!!!
-The Motion tracker is a compass that will always point in the direction of the Alien. It does not detect how close it is to you, it is merely a warning for you if you happen to be walking towards it, and build suspense. It does not work when there are multiple Aliens.
-The Androids are just drowned mobs, the only mobs I though closely resembled them in the game. Not as creepy, but just as threatening and they have similar behaviour patterns. Slowly walking, glowing eyes, they will attack you with their arms and they also get health and strength boosts later in the game, so be careful!
-the ANDROID_E.M.P._MINE is a name tag you can collect throughout the game, that kills any android you put it on instantly. ONLY USE IT ON ANDROIDS!!!
-The generators are now just oak buttons on lodestone blocks for simplicity.
-The doors work the same way in the game, opening up when you get close to them, and shutting when you get far enough away from them. IF A DOOR YOU JUST WALKED INTO WON'T WORK, BACK UP AND LET IT CLOSE, THEN TRY AGAIN. Also, some doors require the access tuner.
-The humans are portrayed by 3 things. Villagers, skeletons, and armor stands. The villagers and friendly. Do not attack them. The Alien will attack them though if you need to distract it. The Skeletons are the crazy and paranoid people who will shoot at you, the armed looters. take them out quickly. The Alien doesn't attack them. The armor stands are the characters that get teleported frequently that aren't able to move.
-There are actual voice lines, just like in Outlast. When a character talks, the colour of their name will determine their threat level. blue means friendly and trustworthy. Yellow means passive, but you are mostly unsure about their intentions or motives. Red means bad. any text that starts with (YOU) is text that your character is saying. Your character's name is Ripley.
-Your objectives will show up in the lower middle of your screen, usually starting with "New Objective:" but if you forget your objective or miss it, the dialogue from the characters can clue you in on exactly what you're supposed to do.
-Don't be afraid to explore.
-The Alien is the most threatening its ever been. Yes, it's a horse that charges at you, but it is fast, surprisingly smart, has good pathfinding skills, and will relentlessly attack you until it kills you in 2 hits. The armor, totems, or golden apples will help, but they will usually just let you take one extra hit. It's way worse, way more dangerous, and way less forgiving than it is in the actual game. good luck, because this game gets much harder towards the end.
-This is where noisemakers come into play. They are chicken eggs that you can throw far away from you, and if a chicken so happens to spawn from one of them, the Alien will be immediately teleported to it, but be quick, because it will almost instantly come after you. Even if they just give you a bit more distance, they can be very useful if used tacticly and sparingly. Remember that you can't craft them, so you will be forced to explore and search for items as much as you can. The more items you have, the more prepared you will be.
-The items you can find in shulker boxes are:
>Totem of undying
>Golden Apple
-You will also collect multiple tools to help you on your way. The Stun baton is great at dealing with Androids and looters. The Maintenance jack can be used to cut birch wood doors or other mechanisms with birch wood. DO NOT ATTACK WITH THE MAINTENANCE JACK!!! The bow is useful for dealing with androids from a distance, but later on, it will be upgraded into a shotgun, a more powerful gun, and a bolt gun, which despite its slow load up, can pack a punch, and can cut through enemies, allowing you to pick up the arrows you just shot and conserve ammo. The flamethrower is much different from it's variation in the actual game, but it serves a similar purpose. TO KEEP THE ALIEN AT BAY!!! You can defend yourself from the alien's charges, but be careful, the flamethrower will break after about 25 or more hits from the Alien, removing your defense. Once you get the flamethrower in the actual game, it's not as scary because the threat is reduced, but here, the threat is constant. The Alien will always come after you, and stop at nothing to kill you dead!
-There are various save points throughout the map just like in the game, they are granite blocks with oak buttons and a sign next to it saying SAVE, clicking it will set your spawn in that spot. (the spawpoint of all players will be that spot)
-The worldspawn (setworldspawn) is actuallly the alien, so if a player joins the world that doesn't have a spawnpoint, they will spawn with the Alien, die, then respawn at the alien again in an endless death loop. the alien is in an enclosed space before the game starts, so that when a player joins the world, there is a command block that will detect the player and teleport them to the starting position, and set their spawn there, so the alien doesn't kill them.

If you have Minecraft VR on your PS4, I recommend trying this with it, if you're brave enough. i had one kid nearly shit his pants and cry, till he rage quit and left when he tried the demo version in VR. This map IS SCARY!!! I AM NOT JOKING!!!

The featured video is one from my YouTube channel, Thaction (link) [url=www.youtube.com/channel/UCSwXjtGR9Gmv3OpuqJ3LMvw
There, I make tons of cool videos, and you can see my playthroughs of these maps, (even my old alien isolation map from 5 years ago, it sucks) and my content varies from games to short films, animations, stop motion, music remixes or raps, parodies, memes, edits, shitposts, tutorials, vlogs, how to's, crafts, reactions, and much more! Come check out the action on Thaction, and consider subscribing if you're new! It's free, and you can change your mind whenever you want! It's the least you could do after I gave you this amazing gift!

Here's the map if the download doesn't work: [url=www.mediafire.com/file/290eu9gmwlzqi1v/33079e322270a8d9.zip/file


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03/22/2021 10:57 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
DeathlyTroll avatar
This map look really cool. A sign of incredible work. Sadly I can't try it myself, only Android available...
I have starten the same recreation of AI myself a year ago. Right now I competely remaster that map (other website). AI is just a beautiful game, especially for recreation in MC!
03/29/2021 1:00 pm
Level 26 : Expert Miner
BountyHunterTdog avatar
Totally agree. One of my favourite games. I could never do it justice but damn I tried.
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