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Level 38 : Artisan Network
So here's something you don't see every day:
someone uploading multiple maps in one submission rather than uploading each tiny map as a separate submission.

How the 10Kx10K maps are designed:
First comes the concept in the form of a block palette and ideas for geological formations.
Next come extra features and structures that fit the atmosphere and theme, both aesthetically and scientifically.
Then every feature is matched up with scientific processes that make the map more realistic and cause it to make sense.
Then other stuff happens, bla bla bla, a 10Kx10K map is made over a period of a few months. Sometimes these steps occur in a different order but this is generally everything that happens.

But before the 10Kx10K map is started, a sample terrain based on the concept (a few times the terrain comes before the concept) is made to try to experiment with ways to make the planet map unique from the others.
NOTE: The final versions are more detailed than the samples. These are just rough ideas.

Every sample world in this is exactly 640x640. So because there are 5 at the moment, the world you'd be downloading is around 1500x1500 in area.

This map contains the sample worlds of several of the maps currently under construction. This project will be constantly updated each time new sample worlds are added.

At the moment, this submission contains the following sample worlds:

Diosoul (Tau Ceti g)

An Earth-sized planet with a very weak magnetic field, causing a thin atmosphere and large amounts of radiation from Tau Ceti to reach the planet. Combined with the more viscous minerals of its mantle, the result is a tectonically active planet void of all types of life. Air here is not breathable. Much of the planet is covered in lakes of lava, dust, and volcanic rock. Minerals are abundant, however.

Lowgrav (Tau Ceti h)

Because the planet has a lower mass, the atmosphere is thin and its magnetic field is weak as well. This paired with the fact that it lies closer to its star results in a large amount of heat and radiation reaching the planet, causing the surface to be too hot for water to remain in liquid form for very long. Below the surface where it's much cooler and much less radiation can reach, however, water is able to remain in a liquid state. Because of this, chemosynthetic plantlife was able to evolve. This eventually led to photosynthetic plant species evolving to survive in caves closer to, and eventually on, the surface where solar radiation caused massive amounts of mutations, resulting in drastically increased plant growth. The result was a dense jungle of tall balloon-like plants that take advantage of the planet's lower gravity as well as absorb a wide spectrum of Tau Ceti's light for quicker growth.

Redvines (Tau Ceti d)

An iron-rich planet filled with canyons, deserts, and rocky plains. Scattered lakes of water are able to remain in liquid form. Some of the flatter areas have diverse plant biomes. A vine-like plant system covers large areas of the planet (seen in picture). There will be a slight jump boost. No native animal life exists on the planet, however there will be several mysterious monoliths left by unknown visitors long before the planet's discovery.

Prismgrass (Tau Ceti e)

An Earth-like planet home to an indigenous, intelligent yet primitive civilization. Large parts of the world are covered in water. Those that aren't tend to have sharp mountains or marshy plains. The world is very colorful, partially due to the large amount of Neon in the atmosphere. However, because of Neon gas's density, it remains high in the atmosphere, leaving air at the surface with a combination of breathable gasses. There will likely be small towns, extensive flora, and small islands in the ocean part of the world.

Xephos (Kapteyn c)

A cold super-Earth a great distance from its star. Liquid water can only exist around the equator. The rest of the planet is covered in frozen oceans and icey mountains. The ice formations here are intricate and strange and the geography of the mountains varies greatly depending on the distance from the equator. The atmosphere contains large amounts of CO2, creating a red sky and reduced visibility large distances.

Future sample worlds (for a list of general order of release, see Space's About Me section):

Bioice (Kapteyn b)

Bluegas (Gliese 876 c)

Volcerode (Tau Ceti f)

Venus (Sol c)

Redgas (Gliese 229 Ab)

Vitrimas (To Be Assigned)

Teset (Epsilon Indi Ab)

Debrisgas (Gliese 876 e)

Fract (To Be Assigned)

Montalba (To Be Assigned)

Teset's Moon (Epsilon Indi Ab I)

Canyonlife (To Be Assigned)

Sandmtns (To Be Assigned)

Deadplan (To Be Assigned)

Eden (To Be Assigned)

Hotrock (To Be Assigned)

Chernobyl (To Be Assigned)
CreditTools used: World Painter, Chunky
Progress5% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Space 10/12/2015 1:01:22 pmOct 12th, 2015

-The map for Tau Ceti d (the red one) had been significantly updated. The shape of the terrain hasn't changed, however the block palette has been greately improved. The only image that reflects these changes at the moment is the new overview render.

-Significantly better overview renders have replaced old overview renders for every map.
-Planet assignments have been added or changed in both the description and on the map in-game.

A new worldsave has been added to reflect these changes as well.

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01/14/2018 8:42 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Hetrogames avatar
i tried to download tau ceti e but there is no download button is this a glitch if not how do i download it
01/11/2018 4:43 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Hetrogames avatar
Hopefully you will be able to answer my question may i please use these for my minecraft server i will credit you thx
01/12/2018 10:42 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Network
Space avatar
Sure, although full-sized and more detailed versions of some of them were released a while back if that interests you more. Some of them are paid-for only but a few are free and currently live on this profile
01/14/2018 7:55 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Hetrogames avatar
Also can you give me the links to all the maps that are currently complete thx
And what is your minecraft username so i can op/credit and give you rank
01/14/2018 4:06 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Network
Space avatar
These are the 2 from the exoplanet series that are free and finished:
Tau Ceti h
Tau Ceti e
There's probably going to be a big update to Tau Ceti h sometime this year that will make it a lot better, but it won't be anytime soon.

Also there are some more maps on this profile that aren't part of this series, but you might still be interested in them.
01/14/2018 7:45 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Hetrogames avatar
Thank you so much when the server is fully released i will give you the ip
And you will be opped and given the highest rank
Very thankful because i am a 1 man team and i would not of been able to make all this in like a year great work
05/15/2016 9:49 pm
Level 44 : Master Explorer
2012 Commander
2012 Commander avatar
11/01/2015 6:54 am
Level 1 : New Spelunker
PrestigeBuilds avatar
Very nice
10/15/2015 6:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
NightEmperor avatar
Hello!! my name is john and I am Brazilian, I'm looking for a quality builder for my, future, hg server, if you can add me on skype and identify yourself skype: johnnythegamer1
10/14/2015 2:22 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Gumla avatar
wow the bestest terrain i ever seen in my life
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