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Alleron City : Dec 6th 2022

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Alleron City : Dec 6th 2022 Minecraft Map

In May of 2011, I began building a city that I did not think I would still be working on over a decade later. I have produced five major map versions of Alleron City. Version 5 or V5, as I call it, is the biggest and most complex yet. After a decade of Minecraft, I look at V5 as a way to challenge what I have learnt, and learn new things.

Alleron City and its various versions have been enjoyed and played by thousands over the years. I would like to thank every one who has supported and enjoyed various Alleron City Maps. When Minecraft 1.18 added more world height I instantly wanted to rebuild the city. After asking the community, most agreed with this idea. In January of 2022 I began creating the new 26k by 26k block map that the new "Alleron City V5" would be built on.

Version 5:
Based on cities like, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Seattle, the new version of Alleron City will be a city of green spaces, water fronts and diversity in terrain. My goal is to build as close as I can to a true 1:1 scale in the city, on top of the terrain I created, avoiding flattening out massive spaces like I did in other maps. As with previous versions I do plan on making complete builds, this means no hollow buildings. I also want to reduce the amount of "entity: blocks in the new city to help performance. Items such as beds, chests, item frames, etc. will be used only when needed. Older versions has suffered greatly due to this. Instead I am using other building techniques for a lot of these items. This will slow down build progress and uploads, because I want to take my time with the rebuild of Alleron City and make it more unique than it already is.

Future Downloads and a Size Warning:

Being that V5 is built on a 26k by 26k custom map the current download file is currently a massive 9gb. A file of this size will also effect public download availability, as it takes a while to compress, upload and prep this file. I will release downloads when I complete decent sections of the city, these "smaller" updates will be available to all Patreon subscribers. Larger public free downloads will be avaliable after specific projects are complete and uploaded... I dont plan on the large public free uploads to happen more than 2 times a year, sorry.
To be honest I am doing this to limit people from taking/stealing parts of the city for free and when I don't have enough proof I built it(example a separate video or project post). This has happened with every past version of my city, and it is frustrating when I have to deal with someone who argues that they built it. As many Minecrafters know, these builds take massive amounts of time and energy, which is half the fun. It is very frustrating when other take that time and energy for granted.

What is staying, What might stay, what is being left behind:
With Alleron City V5 being built as closely to a 1:1 scale, I have decided to leave many past projects in Alleron V4. I have also decided to move some forward and some I am undecided on.

Staying: Not all of these have been added in to the city yet (large text items have been added)
Neighbourhood Names and some houses, Alleron EXPO Park, Alleron Port (rebuild), Schloss Neuschweinstein, Alleron Convention Center, Telus World of Science Edmonton, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa(changing the build, wont be 1:1 obviously), Bow Tower, Sky Dive Alleron, Titanic Belfast Facts Museum(with added features of current Belfast site), Alleron Cinematic Development Center (ACDC), Winter and Summer Olympic Parks, Alleron International Airport (AXE), Hawkwood Meadows Horse Racing, The Alleron Strip with world class resorts, Alleron F1 Auto Mile, Alleron Mall *Biggest Complete Mall in Minecraft* (rebuild... bigger...), The Alleron Zoo(rebuild), Alleron Dam (rebuild), Alleron Tree Walk, plus a few other smaller projects

Might Stay: (large text = I decided to add it to the city)
CN Tower, Shanghai World Financial, Hong Kong World Financial(possible rebuild), Bank of China,

Being Left in Alleron V4: Any below project with out a project page will be up loaded later
Willis (Sears) Tower, Citi Tower, WTC 1-2-3-4, WTC Memorial, Taipei 101, Petronas Towers, Kingdom Tower, Titanic, Quad Peaks Ski Resort, Oceanic Front, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, The World Islands, The Alleron Water Front.
*I am leaving all the Dubai Islands projects in Alleron V4... a 1:1 scale of these projects would be very large, plus over the years they have been the most time consuming and tedious projects I have worked on, which is why I chose not to move them to V5*

Question for long time Alleron Map players:
Is there any thing from older Alleron maps you would like to see rebuilt and added to Alleron City V5? Comment below!

Make sure to check out the UPDATE LOGS for everything NEW!
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Alleron V4 as of Nov 1, 2021. Created using Minecraft Overviewer. (Old image)
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Alleron City : Dec 6th 2022 Minecraft Map
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Please DO NOT take any section of my world, use it and claim it as yours I have put a lot of time in to this project. This site clearly states the following: "© 2011- Current Date, PlanetMineCraft.com. All rights reserved. All creations copyright of the creators."Alleron V5, V4, V3, V2, V1, Alleron 2.0, Alleron City, Galaxy S and Galaxy SX are copyright of cnorgren. Any use with out permission will lead projects being removed or worse.
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99 Update Logs

Update #99 : by cnorgren 12/06/2022 5:12:00 pmDec 6th, 2022

Hi! Alleron City has had some major additions. Since the last update:

-Added 16 buildings: 8 are from the older version of Alleron, but when I brought them in to the city I renovated all of their interiors to fit with my latest building styles. 2 are of my favorite builds I have done, Burj Al Arab and The Bank of China Tower (Both are currently being renovated as well). The other 6 are brand new builds.

-The Haven Bay Bridge: Spanning 2000m/2km across the Haven Bay entrance. This bridge creates and easy connection between down town and North Alleron. North Alleron will be come the sight for a massive project in 2023!

-Alleron LRT (light rail transit) received a huge extension from downtown across the Haven Bay Bridge.

-Pier 17: Currently under construction, Pier 17 is Alleron City's cruise ship port hub.

-Venice Beach: Currently also under construction. Venice beach is the link between Burj Al Arab, the future "Sea Wall Walk Way" and Pier 17.

I wanted to roll out updates when I had completed projects, however I currently have 5 major projects on the go and I wanted to post an update on the city!

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03/20/2023 11:50 amhistory
Level 46 : Master Farmer
raigoo avatar
Hi there, u updated again, I checking it out in the next time :-)
nice greetings from me and family
02/18/2023 2:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
solsols avatar
i can't download
11/11/2022 1:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ChibyX avatar
Hey, you asked what content from previous versions we would like to have. So I think it will be cool to add Alleron Survival Games back
10/12/2022 3:55 amhistory
Level 3 : Apprentice System
vincentsitu888888 avatar
Can't wait to see V5 when that comes out!
04/14/2022 7:25 am
Level 1 : New System
omeyerrato avatar
Do a way to travel super fast
03/26/2022 1:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Larpi avatar
Plz do bedrock version 🙏
03/11/2022 8:26 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
lsdzeplin avatar
Hey! This might be a stretch but do you happen to have a copy of Alleron in a 1.16 version? If you do I would much appreciate the file as I need it in 1.16 for some modpacks :)
03/12/2022 12:32 pm
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Architect
cnorgren avatar
Hi! Unfortunately I don't currently have a 1.16 version. However when I release this map as part of the "History of Alleron" series I was planning on taking some time to convert a version back to 1.16 and fix potential errors that would be created. A lot of people have requested a 1.16 version :)
03/12/2022 3:54 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
lsdzeplin avatar
Nice! Good to know there might be some kind of way thanks for replying, was worried no one would see this haha
03/17/2022 9:12 am
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Architect
cnorgren avatar
Yeah I'm hoping it works, it's hard to convert backwards. I also check PMC a couple times a week just incase 😀
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