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Altar Of Life

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Mr. Blox avatar Mr. Blox
Level 41 : Master Blockhead

It is with a certain amount of pride I present to you my latest and by far biggest and most challenging creation.

The Altar Of Life

This is a 316x293x122 massive celebration of the wonder of liquid water. The source of inspiration is as mentioned; Water. The one thing that all life as we know it has in common.

It has taken ages to build, but well worth the effort, now that it is complete :-) I did most of the building by hand with the aid of TMI for ressource spawning and SPC for flying. In addition I used MCEdit to shape the map and to help me keeping the map 100% symetrical.

My hope is of course, that you will enjoy this Altar Of Life. As with my other uploads, feel free to use them as you please. All I ask in return is that you remember to credit me the build, rate and equally important; comment :-)

When exploring the underground part, remember to keep an eye out for the buttons. They will turn on a bit of light, making it look better and ease the exploring :-)

Special thank goes to my good friend from Brazil: LQB

Thank you buddy, for testing this creation several times over during the building process :-)


Mr. Blox
Progress100% complete

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01/25/2012 8:48 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Warrior
LQB avatar
Very awesome! gave a diamond and favorited it! Ps: i sent you a PM, answer it when you can
09/26/2011 5:10 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
Kuroyuki avatar
OH is that what that was in that world save you told me to inspect i was like whats this lol
09/18/2011 8:30 pm
Level 44 : Master Princess
LittleJoo avatar
Dude... It's cool!
09/19/2011 8:40 am
Level 41 : Master Blockhead
Mr. Blox
Mr. Blox avatar
Thx Joo :) Glad you like it! It was quite a puzzle to make this one, spend weeks getting it right lol.. And I'm still not 100% pleased with it :P Update will come at some point :)
09/19/2011 10:49 am
Level 44 : Master Princess
LittleJoo avatar
I'll wait)
09/14/2011 12:34 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
NeonJellyfish avatar
This is really nice! Great Job
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