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ALTGARD, a rich and iconic medieval city

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Level 23 : Expert Architect
Alright, this is a more special one. This is the medieval city Altgard, the capital of the kingdom which has the same name. I am building this city together with Anuryy and r0b1n96. The citys buildings are made out of heavy stone bricks and red brick roofs, and they're also very complex and connected to eachother in several ways. It has a big harborside, epic ships, market squares and streets, a theatre, cathedral, town hall, rich districts, a cemetery and muuuuuch more. Outside the city there's a slum area, farming fields and a circus. I'm giving updates on the city on my Twitter account. You can get there by typing /warp Altgard on the Diverging Realms server. [​mc.divergingrealms.com]
CreditAnuryy & r0b1n96
Progress75% complete

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