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Alunnius - 6k*6k survival map

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Alunnius - 6k*6k survival map Minecraft Map


The story of a ginkgo leaf

Beginning in chaos, and finally dying

Away from the worldly hustle and bustle of the Old World

Maple leaves, wheat fields and the joy of harvest

And that only belongs to this short season

Red tea orange

But this peaceful and beautiful

Maybe just like this golden ginkgo leaf

It's just that short-lived glory...

Created by @Po_er from InnovaCreation


As a territory outside the Old World of the Karfa Kingdom, Orenius is a pure land away from the hustle and bustle of war.

This continent originally belonged to the rule of the Kingdom of Gurdogin. Humans and the elves lived in harmony with the world. However, in A. 438, the Karfa Kingdom in the Old World was under war, and some of the royal families fled overseas. Encountered the storm and lost his way, but also unexpectedly discovered this piece of pure land, breaking the long-term tranquility of Orenius. In order to contend for this vast new continent, the Kingdom of Karfa planned the division of the Gul'dorkin royal family, which eventually led to the rupture of humans and the elves. At the same time, the Gul'dorkin royal room battle, a war swept across the entire continent, and the former royal city was also Destroyed under the powerful spells of the older energy race.

It was at this time that the Karfa Kingdom came in, ruled and took over the northern region of the entire continent, and established new towns on the ruins of war. The vast forests in the north were cut down and turned into vast farmland. In the area, the activity space of the elves was reduced to the Valley of Hope. Since then, there has been no record of witnessing the elves in the history of the Karfa Kingdom for nearly 300 years.
The Tree of Damot was once the activity center of the elves in the Kingdom of Gurdogin, and also a hub for connecting the rest of the world. In fact, there are many in the historical records of the Kingdom of Gurdogin or Karfa In the records of reincarnated persons, there were also scholars of the kingdom who tried to infer the origin of the tree of Damot, but they were always warned by a mysterious force, and the research had to be stopped.

In the year 896, the tree of Darmott changed again, and a new reincarnation came to this world..


Alunnius - 6k*6k survival map Minecraft Map

The Tree of Damot: It is said to be the shelter of the last elder elders and the teleportation station for visitors from other worlds. It is always protected by mysterious powers. Anyone who tries to study the mystery of this tree will be warned and punished.

The coastal reefs of Caligasniemi: Almost all over the northern coastal reefs of the mainland of Alunnius, no one has settled here due to the strong sea breeze all year round. Only the eldest daughter of the Gurdogin royal family, Olya, escaped Hunt down and live in seclusion here.

Pajala Field: It used to be a huge forest full of giant fungi and forests. After the war, the Karfa Kingdom completely felled it and planted a variety of crops, turning it into a vast field.

Mushroom giant rock: Once the central giant rock of the Payala Forest, the remaining fungi on it all show the fact that the fungus of the Payala Forest is prosperous. Although it has not yet been able to indicate the purpose of cultivating these fungi by the Elves, its interior is also in the map. The location of the parkour challenge.

Maple Forest: It is a lush broad-leaved forest located on the side and foot of the crater.

Songyi crater: Although it looks like a volcano, it is indeed a crater for aliens. The unburned meteorite also brings an alien gift-a strange plant rooted on the meteorite. Every year In autumn, its seeds will drift outward with the wind, but for so many years, there is no record of this kind of plant survival in other places in Alunnius...

Maple Leaf Town: The commercial, trade and political center of the Kingdom of Calfa in the mainland of Alunnius. Due to its geographical location, merchants of all sizes around will choose to live here and conduct trade activities every period of time.

El Rock: A giant rock in the southwest of Maple Leaf Town, with red rocks that shouldn't have appeared at this latitude.

Northern Fishing Village: A small fishing village on the northern border of the Alunnius territory of the Kingdom of Kalfa, in a hidden bay at the foot of the Songya crater. The outside world can only contact it through a cave and is responsible for commercial exchanges with other continents.

Inari Rock: It used to be the center of the royal city of the Kingdom of Gurdogin. It is said that the royal palace is located just south of the rock. Although wars and years have wiped out the remaining traces of the royal city, the road network has been preserved intact. Come down.

Karfa Rock: It was once a huge rock in the southwest corner of the city wall of the Kingdom of Gurdogin. The wall was built on the rock as a natural defense. After the war, it was renamed Karfa Rock.

Inari Collapse: A cave in the southern part of the huge rock that leads to a vast underground cave world.

Forest of Indus: The hunting ground of the nobles of the Karfa Kingdom. It is said that the three autumn leaves-shaped woods are also the products of the nobles who did not want to cut willows...

Chalky Highland: A sloping highland of white rock, with a well-developed cave system in the center, but also perilous (the location of the end portal in the map)

Lorca Wetland: A small wetland in the northern part of the Chalky Highlands. The river network is densely interlaced but the runoff is too small for navigation, so it was abandoned by the Karfa nobles.

Hope Valley: It is said that the escape point for the elves is a high underground river valley surrounded by vast primitive coniferous forests (there are eggs!)

Natural Refuge: An area where the concentration of mana explodes is composed of many seemingly incredible crystals and the "natural refuge crystal" in the center. It is rumored that destroying this area will lead to disasters.

Okefjord Snow Mountain: The southern boundary of the territory of the Karfa Kingdom. Because the snow mountains are covered with snow all the year round, no one settles here.

Swatyssen Mountain Range: A mountain range in the center of Alunnius, where part of the original forest is preserved. It is also the water source of Maple Leaf Town, a protected area prohibited by the Karfa Kingdom.

Kvarlangue Plateau/Archipelago: The end of the continent of Alunnius is also considered the end of the continental world. Due to its high latitude and rugged terrain, it is undeveloped.

Hitpatilla Mountain: It is a series of mountains in the high latitudes of southern Alunnius. The southwestern part is covered with snow all the year round. The central valley has a river flowing through it. The soil is fertile. Many residents of Kalfa cultivated terraces on the slopes. Plant wheat.

Golden Corridor: It is a densely distributed stream of golden willows in the valley of the Hitpatila Mountain. It is famous for its spectacular golden leaves in autumn.

Ruins of Birch Village: A small village in the valley that was once abandoned for unknown reasons.

Angel Lake: A natural lake in the Hitpatila Mountain, with a high latitude, and the south is a snow-capped mountain all year round.

Forest of Return to Silence: Although the elves disappeared in the Valley of Hope in the last record of the Karfa Kingdom, the Forest of Return to Silence, which relied on mana to stay green all year round, is the last place for the Elves to survive.

The Tree of End: The Forest of Return to Silence, a dead tree guarded by the last elves. The withered branches glow pale at night. It is also the place where the last elves return to silence. The surrounding 4 crystals are still used. The pure land of mana guardian...


Alunnius - 6k*6k survival map Minecraft Map
Overview of the core area in the northern part of Alunnius
The download link contains an uncompressed version of this image

In the autumn of Maple Leaf Town, it’s the trading day again, a prosperous landscape

Songyi Crater and the surrounding Maple Leaf Forest (rendered in beta, meteorites have not been added yet)

At the junction of the Payala field and the crater, you can see the wetland of the estuary and the forest of maple leaves

Songjie Meteorite Crater and Northern Fishing Village

The Three Brothers of Inari Rock

In the autumn of the Hitpatila Mountain, the terraced fields planted with wheat are clearly visible

The Forest of Returning to Silence and the Tree of Ending Yan

In the northern fishing village in summer, small cargo ships are ready to set sail

The Tree of Damot, the first stop for visitors from another world

Overlooking the Inari Rock

Hitpatila Mountain Coast

Wheat fields in the Hitpatila Mountains

A stunning sunset in the Valley of Hope

"Alien Guest"

Markets in Maple Town

The Arrow Tower in Maple Leaf Town and the El Rock in the distance

The chalky plateau, the caves inside are perilous

Early autumn foggy morning

The Swatyson Mountains outside Maple Leaf Town

Nature sheltered sunrise

Autumn vines in the Valley of Hope


Considering that the numerous wheat fields in Alunnius have greatly reduced the difficulty of obtaining food, I don’t want you to die because of hunger on this continent XD

In order to increase the difficulty of the game, we have added drinking water value and monster enhancement system in the survival adaptation version

Drinking water system:
  • The maximum value is 100, which will decrease as the player moves
  • Sprinting and jumping will increase the rate of thirst reduction
  • Get slow debuff when it is lower than 30
  • Nausea debuff will be superimposed when it is lower than 20
  • Blindness debuff will be superimposed when it is lower than 10
  • When it drops to 0, it will gain the wither effect until death or get rid of this state
  • When the player is resurrected, the thirst value becomes 50, with a period of slowness, blindness and nausea effects
  • Drinking water from a water bottle, drinking milk, and drinking potions can fill up your thirst value

Monster enhancement:
  • When spawning on a grass block, the zombie’s HP will increase by 2❤, the radius of the skeletons will increase by 20, and the spider will move faster.
  • When spawning on dirt or sand, the zombie attack comes with a slow 1 debuff, and the blood volume of the skeleton increases by 2❤
  • When spawning on sand and gravel, both zombies and skeletons have 2 minutes of flame protection, and spider blood volume increases by 2❤
  • When spawning on dyed clay, the zombie’s HP will increase by 4❤, the skeleton attack will be accompanied by a slow 1 debuff, and the spider’s attack radius will increase by 20
  • When spawning on snow flakes or blocks, creepers have a high probability of becoming lightning creepers. Zombies have their own slow life regeneration within one minute.

Artifacts and props:

We have added special villagers in the central market and the mayor’s hut in Maple Leaf Town, which can be exchanged for many interesting items
After completing the collection of 10 diaries in Maple Leaf Town and the parkour of Mushroom Giant Rock, you can exchange for two artifacts!

Of course, if you don’t like these, you can also play the version without survival adaptation. This will not affect your survival mode play.

Acknowledgement list
Terrain production: Poer
Terrain export: Poer
Architecture: 唔知建筑组、Oisiphe、Poer、午夜听雨恋雪、曲奇、Evan_76
Command block and redstone: C60、曲奇、Evan_76
Resource pack production: Poer、Xe_kr、曲奇

Map related
  • Version: Survival adaptation version is 1.12.2, non-survival adaptation version can support 1.12.2 and higher versions above 1.13
  • Map area: 6144*6144 .The original terrain can be generated normally outside the boundary
  • Archive size: 1.05GB
  • Play mode: alternative survival, old-age survival, creative travel simulator, RPG map construction, etc.

The following are the download instructions
The InnovaCreation team reserves ownership of this map

The following behaviors are allowed by default, and you can use them without notifying me:
  • Under the premise of indicating the author, use this map for short film shooting and upload it to the video website
  • On the premise of indicating the author, retain the preset copyright information and use the map for secondary creation
  • Use this map as a non-profit public service server, and play privately with friends on small servers

Any commercial server authorization on Alunnius is prohibited!

1.13 and above version, please download the non-survival adaptation version, the higher version resources will be refreshed outside the map boundary
1.12.2 All four versions can be downloaded and played
The summer version retains the original green leaves. If you don’t like the red and yellow leaves and withered grass in autumn, you can choose the summer version.
If your birch leaves do not turn golden yellow correctly, please check if you have installed Optifine!
Progress100% complete

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Can you add co-ordinates to some of the village locations in the map, it's really big and I need some way to go through it
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Wow this is incredible! I love how you've added the rpg survival mode if we like it!
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This is fantastic work! Great stuff as always from you :)
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Man, change title picture to one of your beautiful renders and write a small description of map in title, So that people, without going into the post, already better understand what you are delivering to them

More people should see this kind of work
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