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Among Us in Minecraft: The Skeld (Functional, with gameplay)

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Among Us in Minecraft: The Skeld (Functional, with gameplay) Minecraft Map


A recreation of the Skeld from Among Us, for Minecraft 1.16.5. You can either get the build-only version which is just a Skeld build with a resource pack, or the functional version that lets you play Among Us in Minecraft. By downloading you accept the terms of use found below.

The build-only version is a Minecraft map save and a resource pack. You install it by putting the save file into .minecraft/saves and the resource pack into .minecraft/resourcepacks, as usual. The build-only version has a separate download HERE. The build-only version doesn't include gameplay.

The functional version is a server setup that has actual Among Us gameplay coded in, so you can play it with your friends. The functional version can be downloaded with the button at the top of the page. An installation guide can be found below, or in a text file that comes with the download.

The functional version should apply the resource pack automatically when you join the server, however, just in case it doesn't, the resource pack is also included in the download. Put it in .minecraft/resourcepacks if needed.

If you want to set up the functional version, make sure you have 64-bit Java matching your system.

Both versions require OptiFine and Minecraft 1.16.5. Once you're in the server (the functional version) use the /launch command to start the game.

Please don't steal this work or any part of it and present it as your own or use it for your own goals. Don't open public servers with this work. Private servers for friends are fine. If you want to show/share it anywhere (e.g. in your YouTube video) that's completely fine, just please give credit :) By downloading you accept these terms.

Among Us Crewmates meet in Cafeteria on the Skeld, in Minecraft. Minecraft Among Us build/recreation. During the meetings the crew can vote out the Impostors.
Among Us in Minecraft: The Skeld (Functional, with gameplay) Minecraft Map

This guide is mainly written for Windows. If you have a different system, some parts may be a little different.

Before you proceed with this guide, go to optifine.net to download and install OptiFine for 1.16.5. Unless you already have it, of course.

Start by unzipping the downloaded .zip file. Inside, you'll find the settings.txt, HOW TO INSTALL.txt (basically the same guide) and Among Us Resource Pack.zip files, and the Among Us Server Setup folder.

Open Among Us Server Setup and run Asset Downloader.cmd. This will open 6 tabs in your browser, each of them will download a file you'll need. The tabs might display errors, but it doesn't change anything. You might need to click on each tab for them to start downloading. Don't worry if you get duplicate files, just delete the duplicates.

(Keep in mind that if you can't run .cmd files - for example, you're on Mac - just open the file as a text document and manually copy and paste the URLs into your browser. The same effect, only a little more time.)

Open your Downloads directory, so you can view the downloaded files easily.

These should be the files - if you're missing any, try to run Asset Downloader again. Make sure you get 6 files and there are no duplicates.
Now go to Among Us Server Setup and put spigot-1.16.5.jar in there.

Go to the plugins folder (it's located in Among Us Server Setup) and put the 5 remaining files there.

The Skript folder will already be there.
Now, go back to Among Us Server Setup and run spigot-1.16.5.jar. The server will start. You are now able to connect to the server by launching Minecraft 1.16.5 with OptiFine and connecting to ':25540'

However, you won't be able to invite other players yet. Technically from now on, you can do this however you want, if you have sufficient knowledge. I would suggest using Hamachi which is a popular piece of software used for connecting to private Minecraft servers.

You and every player who's going to play with you needs to have it: hamachi.msi

The installation is quick and simple. During the installation, there might be a suggestion to install some other software from the company, so just uncheck that. After installing, you'll be asked to make an account. Just put your email and some password. (If the section of the guide regarding Hamachi is confusing for you, just search for a tutorial on YouTube)

Click the Power button, then (as the owner of the server) click Create a new network. Come up with an ID (name) and password for the network. Players who join it will be able to connect to your private server. Keep in mind each network can only hold 5 players (counting you) so if you have more than 4 other players, you'll have to make 2 or 3 networks.

The players who are invited have to click 'Join an existing network' and put in the same name and password that you set up. Once they're in your network, they need to right-click on your name in Hamachi and choose 'Copy IPv4' address. This is the same address that you see on top of your Hamachi window, so you can just give them that. This is NOT your actual IP address.

Once the players have Minecraft open, they just put the IPv4 address from Hamachi into the server address bar, and follow it up with ':25540'. You as the owner might also need to do that instead of just ':25540' as shown earlier.

Finally, open settings.txt which is included in the downloaded files, and make sure your Minecraft settings match. Send the settings to all your players so they can verify this as well.

The resource pack should download and enable automatically once you join the server. In case it doesn't, the resource pack is included in the download so you can put it in .minecraft/resourcepacks



Visit the official Among Us page here!
CreditInnerSloth - Among Us
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Update #20 : by Hope 04/08/2021 10:16:32 amApr 8th, 2021

Prepared the installation process and released everything for download.
Early Access is open. Please report bugs if you find any.

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11/19/2022 8:35 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
TyncKitter avatar
Can you make a thing that shows how to add this to say a Bisect server or other server host as whenever I try it throws errors and will not let me connect to the server
11/20/2022 4:19 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
Hope avatar
Never used that but a common issue might be that some hosting don't allow uploading skripts, custom plugins etc, they only allow to install plugins from a predetermined list of plugins, which might not include the plugins that this server needs. Can't be sure that is the issue, but if it is I'd suggest hosting on your own PC if you want to play with friends. You could also send me the error, what it says exactly.
03/20/2022 9:20 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Rainykazimir avatar
01/27/2022 11:21 pm
Level 1 : New Warrior
Rubz The Shark
Rubz The Shark avatar
This map is so beautiful. Will you add any new roles to the map?
01/10/2022 3:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Rutvik avatar
hey I can use other servers right like hostings?
01/10/2022 11:20 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
Hope avatar
01/11/2022 4:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Rutvik avatar
are you planning to add more updates or new maps?
01/11/2022 6:00 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
Hope avatar
Can't say for sure
11/23/2021 10:17 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Button Pusher
Anonymous_Tanuki avatar
the functional version looks awesome! haven't tried it yet though.
10/31/2021 12:28 am
Level 20 : Expert Mage
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