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AMX FOCH B 100 Prot.

Bottom chassis

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avatar TheWarProfessor
Level 4 : Apprentice Architect

elcome to the MC creation of AMX Foch B 100 Prot.

History of this tank
History of this tank - click to reveal
AMX Foch B 100 Prot.'s blueprint was first put out by the AMX Company in 1947 after the "failed" attempt of "Project 141" of the AMX Company which resulted in AMX 50. The government's attempt to build a modern and effective combat tank is not met by AMX 50 so the company decided to try something new. AMX Foch B 100 Prot is a hybird between Foch 150 Tank Destroyer and AMX 50 100(A prototype based on AMX 50). This tank would have two main battle gun. The tank would adopt Foch 150's design with an additional AMX 50 100's turret on top. This tank would require a never-before seven man minimum crew. With 1 driver, 2 gunner, 2 loader, 1 machine gunner and 1 communications liaison. Besides the serious firepower provided with the double battle gun, the turret mounted gun is also an "autoloader". Capable of firing six shots within 30 seconds. The gun adopt a revolver design and the loader would load all six shots into the slots before firing the six shots in rapid succession. However the reload of this gun would take an average of 50s - 70s mainly because the heavy artillery is stored on the bottom compartment of the tank and the reloader have to pass the ammo between the chute to the turret. Topped with the fact that the reloader have to reload six shots at a time.
´╗┐Technical Specifications:
Technical Specifications - click to reveal
Front: 190mm
Side: 60mm
Back: 50mm
Top: 10mm
Gun Mantlet: 300mm

Front: 140mm
Back: 20mm
Side: 60mm
Top: 5mm
Gun Mantlet: 175mm

Penetration Avg: 280mm
Penetration Highest Recorded(HR): 300mm
Reload Avg: 20s

Clip Size: 6
Clip Reload Avg: 3s
Penetration Avg: 300mm
Penetration Highest Recorded: 330mm
Reload Avg: 50s - 70s Depending on if the chassis reloader is helping or not.
Fun facts ;)

Fun facts ;)
- Due to the fact that the crew takes up too much space, there is not enough room for a effective engine. So the designers developed a new, flat engine that sticks on the inner side of the tracks on both sides. This solves the problem of space but also heats the crew space and make it unbelievably hot in the summer.
- Because of the double gun feature, the driver sometimes forgot that there is a turret mounted gun and sidescrapes to the wall, this sometimes causes damage to the turret mounted gun due to the length of the gun.
- With power comes responsibilities. The revolver design of the turret mounted "Autoloader" is extremely dangerous if not loaded properly. On one incident the loader has not loaded the gun properly so when it fires, it jams in the chamber and blew up inside of the tank. This resulted in a destroyed tank with no survivors.
- AMX Foch B 100 Prot. is considered the most expensive tank in its era. The construction price, maintenance price and ammunition price both rose significantly because of the double gun feature.
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 08/07/2017 5:10:12 amAug 7th, 2017

Added bottom chassis(no interior so far)

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  • MadBadCat
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Architect
  • August 8, 2017, 12:35 am
Please tell me why the god damn hell you are building a TANK for the contest... This honestly just seems bleak and uninteresting. I do not know why this would be considered as a finalist but okay...

Also, why a FRENCH tank? Why not a Russian or German tank? Something actually GOOD and not a worthless piece of trash which could be 1-shot faster than a drunk soviet in kursk.

Concept: 7/10 - Original but impractical for the competition
Execution 3/10 - Nope. Not even gonna.
Sorry I did not read the full bit on the rules. I saw other people with some different ideas and I just saw the "be creative"
Well for your record this is not a real tank it was actually a pre-blueprint design concept. If it was real i would except it will be the most OP tank in its era. So its not a "trash" tank per say you just probably haven't seen any tank except for a german/russian tank
  • MadBadCat
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Architect
  • August 8, 2017, 2:10 am
A few things to point out about my comment: It's VERY saracstic. I love being a sarcastic d!ck.
It's a joke comment.

Here's the HONEST review:
While yes, calling the GMC TD a Tank is generous and not complete. It's creative. Very creative and distincts itself entirely.
I see you're splitting from the pack and going full on original...
  • PearlescentMoon
  • Site Moderator
  • Level 40
  • Master Dragon
  • August 7, 2017, 10:45 pm
Basically we're curious where the 'house' bit comes in for the contest.
I did not read the full rules and missed the house part. Just read the original part lol. I withdrawed

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