An Amazing Journey: Adventure Edition

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Ever draw mazes when you were younger and put all sorts of obstacles in every room until the entire sheet was just jam-packed with lead because of all the drawing? That's what I wanted to do with this adventure map.

So the mazes in this map aren't the typical, cramped mazes you find in most adventure maps.

I wanted this map to be loaded with all sorts of stuff. Well, after over 8 months of working on this (plus many edits and updates over the years), I think I'm done. 7 fairly decked-out mazes for you to enjoy with a bit of story crammed in to move you along.

Also, the mazes seem to be slightly inspired by Super Mario 64, for some reason...

I've attached some images of the mazes found on the map but I've excluded the last maze, just to keep it somewhat of a mystery.

I hope you guys enjoy the map. Please leave comments, questions, criticisms, jokes, whatever.

As of December 3, 2017, this map can now be played in Adventure mode! Previously, it was optimized only for Survival mode.

Please view the updates log for updates.
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Update #10 : 01/27/2020 4:05:50 amJan 27th, 2020

January 27, 2020
Whoa, I guess I was able to fix it faster than I thought I would. Thank goodness this is a 1.12.2 map because I was able to use MCEdit to import a fix to the chunk that was bugged out.

Aside from fixing that chunk, I also made the following changes:
Replaced a crucial missing block from the second map.
Fixed some redstone circuitry around the long ladder after the third map.
Moved some chests and removed some unnecessary barrier blocks in the fourth map.
Edited some command blocks in the final map solely for aesthetic purposes.

Please let me know if you spot anything else I should take a look at.

02/02/2020 4:34 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
Looks promising!
12/03/2017 11:00 amhistory
Level 18 : Journeyman Explorer
The map is now optimized to be played in Adventure Mode!
Was last updated in Minecraft version 1.11.2.

Edit: Current version was last updated in version 1.12.2.
08/19/2013 10:26 am
Level 21 : Expert Crafter
I definitely get the Super Mario 64 vibe. Seems really cool. Well done! Have a diamond!
08/19/2013 5:41 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
Iz's awesome if ou dont mind check my contest map
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