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Anchor 9 - The Last Warrior

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Anchor 9 - The Last Warrior


link to the original map (ONLY THE CITY SECTION)
(It was made by antoscody 7 years ago so it was impossible to contact him and ask for permission)

Music list :

The city part : https://youtu.be/_UO-WTS6KUg

The CED part :

Val’ Filia boss fight : https://youtu.be/497jQraHhwg

"Last Warrior" is an adventure taking place in the city of New Phoenix just after the apocalypse caused by the crash of Anchor 9. While a large portion of the population was infected, a special forces agent Nash Temple was sent in the quarantine zone in order to recover the virus sample, possibly creating an antidote. The problem is that the sample is located under the Delta site of the CED, an area highly coveted by all kinds of threats. Nash will have to make his way through the streets teeming with infestation if he wants to have a chance to set foot in the abandoned site.
Progress80% complete

04/09/2020 9:10 am
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Dr William Woods
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