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Ancient Relic: Gateway Hub

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Quip Nytherum avatar Quip Nytherum
Level 32 : Artisan Fox
Recently, we stumbled across this ancient structure. At first, we were baffled at what we saw, beams of light stretching into the sky, impossibly tall structure... and almost zero structural support!

As we brought in more scientists, we slowly figured out what this was for, who it was built by, and how it stood so strong.

The first test we ran showed a positive for a strong anti-gravity field around the structure. We investigated further, and found that the protrusions along the spine were the source. They're creating a field around the structure, holding it impossibly strong!

The second discovery was made on accident, when a scientist stumbled and fell into one beam of light. He began rising into the air, lifted by an unseen force! He rose for approximately ten seconds, before finally reaching the top of the structure. He entered through a gap in the structure and was, once again, baffled.

The third discovery was a completely free-floating, disconnected section, which seemed to be riding on the beams of light. Our scientists theorized that, because it also has the generator protrusions, it links to the main field and pushes against it, while also anchoring itself down to keep it from collapsing itself.

Our scientists investigated the other objects at the top. They theorize that these used to be gateways to connect far-flung worlds they had colonized. However, these gateways are no longer functional, and our scientists don't know why...
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