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Ancorio city project 2.0

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Rostislaw51 avatar Rostislaw51
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Ancorio City- futuristic modern city.
Hello everyone! My name is Rostislav. I'm Russian, sorry for the bad english. My project is this modern city in minecraft. The city has been updated to minecraft 1.16.1. The city has about 150 skyscrapers (100 blocks and more). I'm not the only one building this city. They also help me-TopMan, Criffine14, Ilya Smolyanko, skyBuilder, [​img]Contacts: [​color=#2880b9]vk.com/zairost1[​/color] Follow the news: vk.com/publicancoriooriginal1[​/img]Aski and other.
Thank you all for your attention.
I do not give this card to download, as there are still reasons for this that I do not want to advertise.

Contacts: [​color=#2880b9]https://vk.com/zairost1[​/color]
Follow the news: vk.com/publicancoriooriginal1
Progress55% complete
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