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Aquaticis The Oblarcian's Underwater Village

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Level 13 : Journeyman Lumberjack
READ THE LOGS THEY TELL THE REAL STORY!!!!!This Aquaticis has now been born! Now with the castle done and completely finished the Village has now been starting to form. The story line to Aquaticis will be made soon! So definitely keep watch SUBSCRIBE :)

This has been made on the DragonBryre Server and everything else continues to grow!

Also all credit goes to the Player Tiediesmurph Subscribe to him too!

  • Week 1 - The Oblarcians and Santorans Tell their story... Cato Sorin The King Oblarcian Shall tell you his side...
  • Week 2 - The Temple of the Oblarcians has been made. Thi-Or drowning in the ocean was saved by something humanoid.....
  • Week 3 - I'm sorry but all our focus has been to the Bellanovians. What are they up to...

Additional Notes

Progress: 55% Complete

Update #4 : 04/03/2012 9:04:22 am4/03/12

For there months Thi-Or sat in his room writing
down ideas for the things he could do. However, thing afer
thing that he wrote down he soon found out they already
had. So he stopped thinking about the things he could build
for this scociaty and instead started thinking about the
things that he could give to them.

Then, came the best idea he had ever come up with
in his entire life. Thi-Or wanted to combine the cultures
of the two races. Even though he had no idea if these
creatures would take it or not...

Update #3 : 03/19/2012 4:38:34 pm3/19/12

In walked this creature that Thi-Or had never seen.
It was what looked like half human and half fish. It walked
on to legs like a human but the skin was scaly and
un-natural as an albino. He wasnt quite sure if it was male
or female but it had a slender body and wasnt clothed at
all like anyone back on the main land.

When it spoke he instantly knew it was a female for
her voice just flowed like the water that he swam in. The
voice was as calming as the sound of your mothers voice.
"You have traveled far from your home sir. This house is
far from the village in which you live. There is no way to
return home unless you can give our comunity something more
advanced than it already has," it said.

"Well let me think I will get back to you when I
can come up with a good idea," Thi-Or stated. ...

Update #2 : 03/12/2012 4:14:19 pm3/12/12

As he came nearer to what he thought was hair he
realized that it was staying at the same difference from
him. Until, finally, he couldnt swin anymore. As he tried
desperately to stay afloat he couldn't do it and began to
sink to the ocean floor. After his eyse were finaly open
under the sea he saw what he thought was this woman, but
she wasnt completely Santoran either.

She looked slender and more graceful than any woman
that he had ever seen so he tryed to reach out and grab her
to keep from sink to the dark watery depts. As he continued
to fall into the depts it got darker and darker until he
could see nothing at all, but could feel the burning of the
water in his eyes to know that they were still open.

Then, suddenly he woke up. Not knowing where he was
in this house made of completely made from a moss cover
stone. He got up and went for the door, however it was
locked. He was locked in a room with nothing but a bed and a
window that is too tall and as he moved the bed to try and
reach the window. Thi-Or heard the latch to the door open
and the door screetch open...

Update #1 : 03/07/2012 2:36:27 pm3/07/12

As I am the last pure bred Oblarcian it is my
duty to tell you what happened to my land and the land of
the Santorans. However, my wife is the last pure bred
Santoran that lives in Aquaticis. Oh I forgot to tell
everyone my name. I am Cato Sorin. I am also the King of
my land. There are some that do not want me to share this
with all of the out siders, but our history needs to be
At first neither the Oblarcians nor the Santorans
knew of each others existence. Both races were completely
ignorant of each other. Until one day a man by the name
of Thi-Or went for a long swim until the the Ocean had
become forgien to him.
At this point in time there was no land marks, no
possible way of getting home, and no way his energy would
last for him to turn around and swim back home. Then he
saw some hair ...or what he though was hair floating in
the sea. He swam towards it...

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  • bschmidt111
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  • March 7, 2012, 9:53 am
Set up for a world download!
  • bschmidt111
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  • March 6, 2012, 5:41 pm
ok set up a Map Download

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