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Armageddon Class Destroyer (Fictional)

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guardian1200 avatar guardian1200
Level 33 : Artisan Sailor
armageddon class is a class of 5 stealth destroyers built on hellenic shipyards at february 10 2030.
this class is very techological advanced and complex so the building proccess took alot of time.
also this design is a very powerful one with alot of weapons on board with maximun displacement:at about 9.890 tons.





speed:29 knots max

range:10.400 kh at 18 knots

displacement:9.890 tons max

complement:157 crew


1 130mm advanced weapon system (can use guided missiles as ammo)

2 25mm auto cannons

3 ramx8 missile station

2 30mm gatling ciws (the dome)

4 20mm turrets

1 90mm railgun

4 366mm torpedo tubes

96 VLS (1 missile per cell for surface to surface) (4 missiles per cell for surface to air)

14 VLS for spike missiles (4 per cell) range:15kh

16 anti-ship missile launchers

2 50cal machine guns

this ship is featured on map

ENJOY :D!!!!
Progress100% complete

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