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Assertor-class Fast Battleship - Silver Empire Fleet Carrier conversion [Movecraft]

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Author's note

This ship is a complete refit and conversion of Bacca Yarro's Silver Empire Fleet Carrier for the movecraft plugin. It was built in the context of an AU to the Airship Pirates world me and a few people were working on for a while, in which the War of Aquisition lasted for longer than anticipated after the Silver Empire successfully scuttled South Haven to prevent its capture. The ship utilizes MystSpaTimeTrav's ITH as its main armament, so credit for that goes to him. The rest is my work entirely.

You may use or modify this vessel on your server, builds, and others but be sure to credit me and link the ship if possible. Thank you!

Background [​Winds of War AU]:

The destruction of South Haven on the 4th of Secamon by Silver Empire aircraft prevented the return to full capacity of the South Haven Submersible Fleet's war machine and the return to full efficiency of what would become known as the "Old Alliance" between the Kingdom of Lanier and the increasingly well-equipped SHSF in what might have been a turning point in the War of Aquisition. Instead, the destruction of South Haven ensured both the scattering of the SHSF, now completely devoid of the capital it had attempted to reclaim and with dwindling supply lines across the eastern front, and secured the Silver Empire's aquiring of new technologies developped in secret by Bellamy and the Royal Navy after extensive research on the wreck of the HMA Gallant and multiple pirate vessels left in the area. Moreover, confident that the invincible might of the imperial industrial machine would mean victory against the Royal Navy in a prolongued conflict, Capal Crassus - backed up by his directors - saw an opportunity at launching a new offensive against the Royal Navy Shipyards in Emerald Bay and cripple the Kingdom with one swift decisive battle.

The Battle of Emerald Bay onn the 17th of Persumon 756 AED proved to be a complete disaster for the Silver Empire, whose carrier assault formation - initially comprising five Imperious-class Fleet Carriers, two escort carriers and over two dozen escorting vessels - was utterly decimated, leaving the damaged Imperious and Legator as the only surviving Fleet Carriers, the others having been sunk (or, in the case of the carrier Pride of Verace, captured). The two vessels would be out of action for several months due to the amount of repairs needed to put them back into action.

This setback had a few interesting effects; first off, the catastrophic failure of the invasion saw Capal Crassus demoted and removed from the Board of Capals by Capal Rubin, backed up by the rest of the board, and removed from any and all military and political actions going forward. Secondly, multiple solutions had to be prepared to fill the gap left in the Empire's navy, which was now deprived from any and all Fleet Carriers (the sixth and last fleet carrier, Assertor, had been damaged in the initial offensive on the Dragon Reaches and was still undergoing repairs at a slow pace). First off, new "Advanced" Escort Carriers of a small size, cheap price, low construction time and respectable aircraft carrying capacity were designed and fielded in months, deciding to compensate for the loss of the fleet carriers at Emerald Bay with a high quantity of new ships. Second, a new Fleet Carrier class would be designed, fixing many of the issues with the Imperious-class and ordered within months. Third was the fate of the remaining Imperious-class ships, which would not be repaired long before new fleet carriers came into service.

Heated debates ensued within the Empire's directors and admiralty in these times of reform as to what should be done with the three vessels. Conservatives stated that they should simply be repaired and fielded out again, whilst others argued that the imperial Admiralty had grossly overestimated the strength of Carriers and the Empire was in need of a versatile fleet to match the Royal Navy and the SHSF's remnants in all situations. After months of indecision, it was finally decided that the three ships should undergo conversion to act as "Large, High-speed artillery platforms", as their hull's size would make for an ideal platform for new artillery weapons. Amongst all of the various bizarre designs to emerge, one, dubbed "I-58" caught the attention of the Admiralty. It featured an extensive revision of the hull, a heavy armor belt based on both SHSF and royal designs and a main battery of three experimental triple turrets, the firepower, velocity and range of which was surreal at the time; after successful prototypes of the new weapon silenced skeptics, the design was pushed forward for construction, with the first ship to begin conversion being the Assertor - namesake ship of the class.

The Assertor perfectly represented the shift in strategy of the Silver Empire and the experimenting on new doctrines being done at the time. The vessel's fins were too tall for a turret to be mounted aft, so the main armament was clustered in a unique all-forward position, though the sternmost turret still faced aft, near the superstructure. This layout actually influenced the Empire, who believed their gunnery would be much more accurate if the main armament was grouped together in one place, a feature they would implement on multiple follow-on ships. Initially, the blast of the guns was so powerful that the bridge's windows would continually break and the ship would be rattled from stem to stern, forcing the Empire to reinforce the fabric of the hull plating and lifting cells on future designs as well. Armor was heavy for the time, with two layers of iron forming a defensive curtain over the vital areas and granting the ship the best survivability out of any ship of her time. the AA Battery was likewise significantly enhanced and the heaviest of its time, with four rows of anti-aircraft autocannons along each side, along with new highly efficient quadruple anti-aircraft turrets mounted alongside the superstructure.
Another recurring feature with future Silver Empire capital ships - and warships in general - was the battleship's high top speed, making her the fastest battleship in the world until the advent of her successor, the Tonantis-class Fast Battleship, and the Royal Navy Lion-class, both in the late War of Aquisition.

The first ship, Assertor, was launched on the 3rd of Persumon, 757 AED, followed by her two sisterships Legator and Imperious one and two months later respectively. Assertor in particular was the most popular ship in the Imperial fleet thanks to her crowning achievements in the Second Battle of Sunkschiff and her successful hunt of royal navy scout forces and battlegroups during the war; being credited with sinking five different Royal Navy capital ships throughout the war, as well as contributing to causing the retreat of the HMA Goliath during the Second Battle of Sunkschiff. After war's end, with new ships entering service, Assertor would eventually be removed from the navy list and retained as a museum ship after twenty seven years of service.
CreditMystSpaTimeTrav for the main guns, Cooldude101011 for the hangar, BaccaYArro for the original Fleet Carrier
Progress100% complete

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09/10/2022 3:25 am
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
Krystof01 avatar
Looks cool
09/07/2022 11:27 pmhistory
Level 11 : Journeyman Crafter
Cooldude101011 avatar
Huh, you posted it. Cool man!
fabric of the hull plating? I thought it was solid armour (terracotta).

No mention of how after Assertor wrecked multiple smaller RN flotillas the Admiralty sent the battlecruisers HMA Undefeatable and HMA Medusa to investigate and only one of the ships survived? (Not saying which..)

No interior pictures?

I do still hope that someday we’ll continue WoWAU.
09/08/2022 10:31 am
Level 27 : Expert Miner
Homeless_Emperor avatar
Yup, I remembered I promised uploads of my Silver Empire fleet so I might as well.

I feared the bio miught be too long, but I'll rework it to include the full careers of the three ships later on. HMA Undefeatable and HMA MEdusa are among her five "capital ship" kills of the war.

No intezrior pictures because I know that it's more fun to discover it yourself, unless I have a cool shot of something to offer.

For the AU... We'll see.
09/08/2022 1:40 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Crafter
Cooldude101011 avatar

It’s not too long in my opinion. Maybe add a “nerd stuff” section near the bottom of the description describing how the weapons work? Like in Spatime’s posts.

Good point.

Ok then… still hoping =)
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