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AT-99 Scorpion gunship (AVATAR)

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avatar Paul99
Level 16 : Journeyman Crafter
Another vehical from James Cameron's AVATAR, the AT-99 scorpion, or as it's known sometimes as the KAWASAKI AH-19 it's an early Project 880 name, although Ithe AT-99 could be just an RDA produced version of the AH-19 under Kawasaki license (that's how I see it if you were to squish both names into oneuniverse, since I did see it being used to discribe the AT-99) If I'll find a pic of the project 880 scorpion/KAWASAKI AH-19 and it'll differ from the original seen in modern-day AVATAR, I will make it.

The Scorpion has two black stripes on it's tail, which is seen in AVATAR: The Game, meanwhile in the film they don't have them, at least not all of them, since I found a pic were you can see a scorpion taking off, and it has the same black stripes as in the game. So that lets to believe that the stripes are a some kind of division insignia, like of instance on the P-61 (or any aircraft) there were bluenosed P-51's, then there were red tailed P-51's flown by the Tuskegee Airmen. Same with the Scorpion,

This model features working missle pods, as well as full auto machineguns that fire arrows (for attacking infantry since arrows don't fly far when shot out from a dispenser) and a working light in the tail. I addad a landing leg to prevent you accidently landing on blocks that can be pulled with the ship out of the ground. However, when landing on blocks like grassblock, dirt, gravel sand, badrock and netherreck it isn't required.

I wanted to make the hellfire work too, but it didn't work reliebly, so I ditched that (for now) and made the air-to-air missles (the ones of the wing tips) work instead, like they are in the game.

Feel free to use and redistribute this, just give me credit/say that I'm the original author, otherwise do whatever you wish!
Enjoy and have fun!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 09/16/2018 6:24:22 pmSep 16th

I changed the armament on the wingtips, now it looks way better, it looks like an actual missle (the 'real' ones had 8x AG-MFM-332 4 under each wingtip) I wouldn't be able to make it look good with or without the functionality if I were to make the 4 missles, so I decided to make one big missle, which I managed to actualy work and fire TNT. It is very accurate, you use the two ports in the front of the ship (the left one is for the left cannon/missle the right one is for the right cannon/missle. You make sure you see the thing you wanna distroy in the port, and you fire. remember to press the grey button on the blue wool before and after you fire the cannons.

I made the intake and exhaust pipes look like the original.

I luckly didn't have to get rid of the tail light, although I was going to ditch them because I removed them to redesign the intakes exhaust pipes but I found some space to put it back in. I actualy managed to make it blink like in the real one. I also noticed that in the real ones the lights are on the stabalizers instead in the middle but I decided to keep the light since my SA-2 also has it. If you don't like it you can remove it

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