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Augustine RPG - The upcoming #1 Minecraft MMORPG

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avatar XxFroggyKnightxX
Level 1 : New Network
Greetings Adventurers!

This is Augustine RPG. Here at Augustine RPG, we're a Minecraft focused MMO-RPG game!

We offer more features than any other RPG-Minecraft related server out there. To get down right to the details everyone loves reading, here is a list!

- Massive Lore (back story to how our "imaginary" game has developed)

- Dynamic Questing (you may start multiple quests at the same time, and progress through each when you'd like! Similar to Skyrim's.)

- Immersive Gameplay
  Custom Items: Our custom items are by far the most customizable, and unique! Weapon items can be modified through Spell Books, Combat Training, and Enhancement Scrolls.

  Custom Monsters: Monsters with insane armor, and weapons. Every monster has custom health, levels, EXP, and loot dropped at their death! The Custom Monsters will also include Bosses (which runs into Dungeons)

- Mounts
  Mounts in Augustine are similar to mounts in any other RPG. We offer free mounts from certain quests, and purchasing mounts from different mount vendors.

- Professions
  The Professions system is a simple, but yet immersive experience. If you like to grind out doing skill sets on other RPG Games, then Professions are for you. Each Profession has its own Level.

  Professions: Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Crafting

  Each of these will yield different outcomes. Let's say you're a master woodcutter (level 100) then you will be able to wield any Hatchet in the game. Grinding Profession levels will help you out in the game by decreasing time to do the profession task, ex: Cutting down a tree. The higher the level, the greater your efficiency as the profession.

Our party feature will offer slaying monsters together with friends, sharing EXP and loot! Parties are a very important factor in dungeoneering.

- Guilds
The Guilds feature incorporates teamwork to the next level. Guilds give players the tools to stay in touch with each other no matter what Realm they are in. Guilds also introduce new things to the game itself, like raid quests (Guild Quests).

- Dungeons
We offer immersive dungeons: You may enter a dungeon either solo or with a party!
Dungeons are in place for a more team-focused challenge than just slaying monsters in the world. Each dungeon has its secrets and challenges!

Some of these challenges include Bosses. Bosses are used for adding creative, hardcore, and intense battles. Obviously, Bosses will need to be taken on from Parties or Guilds. Fighting a Boss single-handedly is not a bright idea.

Discord: https://discord.gg/527gZnk

We hope to see you around in the Discord as this amazing game develops!

Thanks, Trent.
Progress80% complete

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ambitious title
Yes. We strive for the best experience possible.

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