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Aurelia Isle [9k x 9k] Multi Biome Map

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David_Craft's Avatar David_Craft
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Hello guys,

Welcome to my 9k x 9k Multi Biome Survival Map called „Aurelia Isle “. This Map includes, other than my old Maps, over 20+ Biomes & a custom Ocean such as a few custom structures where you can find important Items & Mobs, like villagers.

At the bottom of the thread, I will leave you a little Biome description.

It was fun to create this map & I gained a lot of experience in Map creation of this one.
I hope you enjoy it!

240 Downloads! Thanks guys.

You can use this Map without credits in your Projects. If you want, you can leave credits. :D

  • General Biome Information
  1. In nearly every green Biome you will be able to find good plants at the bottom such as cool building blocks.
  2. You must dig down to find Caves & Caverns.
  3. I use my custom ore distribution.

  • Snowy Mountains & Plains
    The Snowy Mountains Biome was the first one I made. It uses the same Block-Pallet as the Snowy Mountains of my last Map. You can find Spruce Trees around the Mountains & sometimes even lakes between the Mountains & the Plains.

    The Snowy Plains Biome got added later. You can find some lakes and lots of Snow there.

  • Cliffier Cliffs
    The Cliffier Cliffs Biome is one of my favorites. I added it with the last Map. Since I liked it so much, I added it here again.
    This Biome includes many Beaches surrounded by huge Cliffs where you can jump into the water or even build your own City at the top of the Cliffs.

  • The Plains
    The Plains is a basic Biome. You can find some trees and sometimes lakes there. If you have huge building projects, this is you place since you have enough space!

  • Spruce Forest
    The Spruce Forest is located between the Plains, the Lucky Mountains Meadow & the Cliffier Cliffs. This is also one of my favorite Biome. You can find so many rocks, trees, bushes, mushrooms, berries & ground blocks. You have the best chance to start a civilization near this Biome!

  • Mesa & Red Desert
    The Mesa Biome is one of the best which I redesigned from the ground. It got resigned completely. It now doesn’t look like: “Mhhhhh, okay. It’s ok”, now it looks really fancy. I added canyons, much more high difference & many areas.
    You must visit my new designed Mesa Biome!

    The Red Desert also got added with the Mesa Biome. You can find dunes, cactus & dead bushes there. Accept the challenge and try to live there!

  • Desert
    The Desert. Lots of sand & dunes. This is a very interesting place to live.

  • Jungle & Bamboo Jungle
    The Jungle, surrounded by Mountains & Island. Lots of trees & a volcano which could break out every second. This is one of the biggest Biomes.

    It took long to design this Biome. The Mountains, how do we make them look good. How do we make a good-looking Mountain chain?
    After a bit of time, I got a good-looking result which I could use.
    The trees are basic since I use the same as in my last Map.

    If you look closely, you can find rivers & lakes.

    The Bamboo Jungle Biome can only be found at the islands which surround the Jungle Biome. You may get wet if you try to get Bamboo.

  • Savanna
    At the Savanna Biome you can find lots of spicy rocks and Acacia Trees such as rivers & lakes.
    You must see an evening view from the hills. It looks incredible!

  • Flower Forest
    Do you like Flowers & Bushes? Then visit this Biome! You can find it between the Red Desert & The Plains.

  • Lucky Mountains, Lucky Plains, Lucky Meadows & Lucky Forests
    The Lucky Mountains Biome is by far the biggest. The “Lucky” Mountain Chain goes through the half map. In the valleys you can find the Lucky Meadows, Lucky Plains or Lucky Forests such as rivers & the biggest lakes of the whole map.
    I don’t want to tell to much about them here.

    These Biomes are you just incredible & big! You will also spawn there if you join the world!

  • Mushroom Islands
    The Mushroom Islands are in the North-East of the Map. You will find there lots of mycelium & magical Mushrooms in all sizes. Visit this Biome by chance!

  • (Deep) Cold Ocean
    In need of some useful items or villagers? You can find the things you search in the custom Structures! How will you get the Villagers from the bottom of the Ocean up there?
    You will also be able to find lots of kelp.

  • Lukewarm & Warm Ocean
    Do you want to swim at a warm place with lots of fishes & corals without too much kelp?
    Visit these Biomes in the south of the Map.

  • Frozen Ocean
    The Frozen Ocean surrounds the Snowy Mountains & Snowy Plains. Nothing interesting there except ice, ice, and ice.

If you have any errors, use this version:

I hope you enjoy the Map!

Have a nice day,

Full Image Gallery: [​Click]
Shader: Sildurs Vibrant Shaders Extreme
Skypack: Dramatic Skys Demo 1.3 [​1.17]

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Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update III - Typos fixes & New description Buttons : by David_Craft 08/20/2022 7:40:35 amAug 20th, 2022

- Fixed some Typos in the Description
  • Some weird typos which annoyed me got fixed

- Added new ButtonAdded a new Button to download
  • The fix download should fix weird errors some users got & reported (I don't know why that happened though xd)

That should have been the last needed update!
Thanks for the support! <3

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08/17/2022 10:36 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
RoverAddiction's Avatar
08/16/2022 1:30 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Explorer
Edaryion's Avatar
Why do some many maps use fence posts for trees... 😞
Cool map, but, I am disappointed by the aforementioned.
08/17/2022 10:37 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
RoverAddiction's Avatar
the trees that look like a twig tree use fence posts and the larger trees are wood
08/09/2022 11:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4273282G's Avatar
does this map have things such as a strong hold?
08/05/2022 11:20 am
Level 1 : New Miner
furtake's Avatar
Hello, I think there is a problem with your map. When I try to upload I get a "missing chunk" error.
08/06/2022 6:02 am
Level 24 : Expert Architect
David_Craft's Avatar
Thanks for reporting your issue!
Sadly, I and one other guy can't reproduce the issue.

I also tested the map on my second PC and it works fine.
2 different things which could have happend:

I. The files got corrupted by any 3rd party software
II. Make sure to use 1.18.2 or above

You may try this new download which could fix your issue: