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Faction Brawl | Upcoming Server (Not Complete)

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Level 41 : Master Architect
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What is Faction Brawl?

Faction Brawl is a very large PvP/Moba project on which you can pick up one of the 14 completely different classes in one of 4 factions. You will fight on maps adapted to small or large numbers of players. from fortified islands, through ice-covered caves to the sea in Caribbean climates. Each map is balanced so that the ranged classes and those for melee combat.

Faction Brawl | Upcoming Server (Not Complete) Minecraft Map
Different Faction
There are 4 factions on the map. (Kerland/Deyran/Virdania/North) They differ not only in color but also in their unique appearance and bonuses. Each faction even has its own unique class, specially emphasizing the strengths of a faction.

Customization in-battle

Each faction has it's own skill and 3 bonuses to choose from by the player, it gives 132 combinations of classes in the game. In addition, during the battle players gets gold for objectives and killing. They can spend gold in the shop on the faction spawn point. So chances that the next round will be similar is incredibly small.

Game modes
Faction Brawl currently has 3 game modes to offer. Conquest, which consists of dominating the entire island by a faction. Domination is based on the principles of classic TDM. Treasure Rush is a mode where you get as many treasures as possible (Available only on Sakia Bay).

The map has no requirements, but we have specially created our own Resource-Pack which we are constantly working on. It has a lot of custom textures so for it to work properly you need to download the latest version of Optifine.

Black Voyage - official release 11/08/2019

Sharpen your swords, count the arrows, gather a small fleet and quickly move towards Sakia Bay. From the scout reports we know that a ship has been left there. But it's not an ordinary ship, because the whole deck glitters from the treasures lying there. Collect what you can quickly because you are not alone here!

The new holiday update "Black Voyage" is a combination of climatic new content with improvements to existing modes, a large number of upgrades and update to our Resource Pack. The update introduces a new map, a new game mode, a lot of improvements in the game creation menu, faction improvements, and most importantly for fans of ordinary TDM - Big changes in Domination.

Download now and play with Your friends!

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Main Creators:
Main Developer: MalcomPL
Second developer: RaTmAnPL

Main Assistant: BarnoXp

And others:
FastrekPL / TurkHacker / Longer / Skrzatek / Syriusz98
Progress85% complete

77 Update Logs

Update Log 26/11/2019 : by MalcomPL 11/25/2019 6:38:02 pmNov 25th, 2019

Server Log
The Kerland Lobby is now completed. We have also dealt with many technical matters.

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07/26/2019 12:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Uzumati avatar
Looking at the map I cant find the little village or any thing .. Are there x y z to find em ?
07/26/2019 2:51 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
MalcomPL avatar
Hello. In fact, we've had this problem for some time and we don't know how to fix it for now. Make sure you play the same version of the game (1.14.4) but if it still doesn't work, the entire lobby is on coordinates 0 30 0. It's difficult to miss. We have a tutorial on our Discord about this topic.
07/27/2019 3:42 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Uzumati avatar
07/07/2019 3:48 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
NikkoMwordlling avatar
Very nice and very cool! =D
06/06/2019 7:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Mr_Moggle avatar
Fantastic multiplayer PVP maps in there. Everything looks amazing too. A really good project that works perfectly on my server.

What more can a Minecrafter want? :)
03/17/2018 11:11 am
Level 24 : Expert Explorer
MrMidnightt avatar
This is very nice! Great work man! To give you the credits, I'm going to make a server with this exact map and i will even use the classes. Great work!
03/04/2018 7:47 pm
Level 23 : Expert Architect
MBlooby avatar
03/04/2018 7:54 pmhistory
Level 41 : Master Architect
MalcomPL avatar
It isn't server. It is a big PvP map that you can download and then play on it with someone or test it alone.
08/10/2017 2:08 pm
Level 21 : Expert Spider Rider
JoeSnow avatar
Heya, am I ok to use this map on a YouTube video with a few of my friends?!?!?
08/10/2017 2:12 pmhistory
Level 41 : Master Architect
MalcomPL avatar
Sure, you're welcome to do so
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