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Automated Cow Farm Complex


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Level 47 : Master Wolf
An automated cow farm made for leather and cooked beef. in the future update i will need more leather for making book. cows are automatically cleared from the rooms and sent to the furnace all from a main room where you can stay nice and cozy
- 2 growing rooms
- one nice furnace to get a nice and crispy beef
-one terminal room where you can switch the levers to clear the rooms and get the meal.
-a nice and cozy house for sleeping
WIP the breeding room - you can still breed them fast using wheat near the growing rooms but most of the times you can't breed them all

fixed the furnace from burning the building
fixed the cows drowning in the water columns
improved clearing of a room now it's faster
fixed the cows burning and nor dropping resources as they were swimming in the lava
to be added at this complex:
- an automatic wheat field. right now cows consume most of my wheat so a nearby field is required and it will go nice with the windmill
- a fast breeder for more cows and just for fun building it
Progress: 50% Complete

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What's the texture pack used in the pics?

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