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Automated EXP Farm Tutorial - Start to Finish

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avatar Doxy
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner

Hay Folks,

This little o projecto of mine is of a whole tutorial series wherein Io ll be walking you though every little detail and variation of how you can harvest mobs for EXP and items by my design. Io m not only showing you how to build one part of it, but the entire thing from o block-oneo to a fully functional and fully customized mob system. This thing is broken down into five parts: the Darkroom, the Mob Sorter, the Transportation Piping, the Crusher, and the Redstone Automation for the whole process. The idea is that by the end of this, all you EVER have to do again for EXP or mob-items is stand in one spot, flip a switch, and punch at their ankles. Nothing complex or time consuming, I mean - not at least after you build the thing.

Each of the five parts will have a base o defaulto model that Io ll walk you through step-by-step. Then, once you have an understanding of how ito s built and how it functions, I give you links to other videos that show variations of it. Right now, I have 17 videos outlined and thereo ll inevitably be more by the time this thing is finished.

One thing about the videos, though - I've always preferred o qualityo over o quantity,o though it seems Io m requiring myself to provide both for this. Leto s just say Io m doing this on o Valve Time,o especially because Io ve just discovered this thing called o Skyrimo ...


Click the spoiler below for the current videos.

Part 1 - The Darkroom
Doxy's Default Darkroom:

Subterranean Silliness:

Modular Madness:

Linear Lunacy:

Ludicrous Lighting:

Part 2 - The Mob Sorter

Doxy's Reservoir Mob Sorter:


Mob Sorter Tweaks:


Part 3 - Transportation Piping

A Series of Tubes:

Part 4 - Piston Crusher

Double Lock Piston Crusher:

Part 5 - Automation

1-Switch Automation:


I'm just going to mention again that I'm doing other things. Each one of these videos I typically take 5-10 takes, each one 10-15 minutes of video. Then I find the best one, boil it down in post, sync and edit the video, edit the audio for clarity, add whatever effects, trim the music, slap in the intro/outro. Then I render at 1080p. Editing and rendering take 1-2 hours, and then another 1-1.5 hours to upload. Finally, I go in and edit the YouTube description and tags, add any in-video links (there are a ton for this series) which take another 20-30 minutes. While that's all fine-and-dandy, the point that I'd like to add is that I'm the obsessive type that wants to do it all in one sitting. Lets just say, that while I know what I'm doing with video, and I like uploading them - Skyrim is a significantly smaller investment when I'm considering what it is I want to do with my free-time.

Initial upload with the entire first "Darkroom" segment. Uploaded 'World-File' and 'Schematic.'

Uploaded first video of part two (mob sorter)

Uploaded second video of part two (sorter tweaks)

Updated worldfile to new tutorial version

Uploaded first video of part three (transportation piping). Changed release priority to the 'default' version of every step instead of doing every variation first.

Included video of part four.


Q: Does it spawn endermen?
A: No, not if you build it right. The spawnable area in the darkroom should only be 2 high. If if you made it 3 high, there's no helping you.

Q: Does it spawn spiders?
A: Yes.

Q: Will it process spiders?
A: Short answer - No. But it can if you're willing to go through the hassle, you can. Long answer - you'd need to build a second crusher and a second piping route, but with the spider's climbing ability, this may prove to be more effort than it's worth. That's why, for the purpose of this tutorial, I just burn the little suckers.

Additional Notes

The 'World-File' download includes the tutorial's build area with the 'Default' versions of all five parts.

The 'Schematic' is of the final 'Default' part, where the whole mechanism is hooked up together and ready to go.
Progress80% complete

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I love my Doxy.

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