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Automatic Chicken Farm

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MerryAries's Avatar MerryAries
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This building is an automatic chicken farm. No feeding or breeding is required. Only collection.

There are chickens in the egg shaped portion that lay eggs that are collected and sent to a dispenser below which is hooked up to a redstone clock. This dispenser hatches chickens. When theres enough chickens in the room, the trapdoor will start opening and sending them to the furnace where they get cooked. Meat, feathers, and sometimes eggs, are collected and put into the chests on the first floor.

Contents of the chests seem to be going into the bottom chest first

When copying into your map, sink into the ground until the doors are even with the ground

*Redstone clock sometimes needs reseting. please monitor closely and play with the redstone repeaters as seen fit
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Update #1 : by MerryAries 10/28/2015 1:29:12 pmOct 28th, 2015

added carpets to prevent monster spawn. fixed bug in the hoppers. adjusted redstone clock to help fix clock issues.

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