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Automatic Tree Farm w/ Auto Bone Meal Farm

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Mun Ho avatar Mun Ho
Level 16 : Journeyman System
World & Schematic download for my Tree Farm.
My new Tree Farm that is fully automatic (with afk), and it refills itself with bonemeal farms from the top, so no need to worry about empty bone meal. It collects your wood from tnt duplicator, and produces about 14 stacks of wood per hour with 2 bone meal farms layered on top. This design is 11x7x20, conserved in that space.
Hope you guys like the design. You can check out the build and test if it works in your version of minecraft. This was built working on minecraft 1.19 java edition.

This works in:
Progress100% complete

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Update: Added Schematic download : by Mun Ho 06/20/2022 5:27:16 pmJun 20th

Added a url link to download the schematics for the tree farm.
So you can //paste -e

Make sure to do it twice. I added a sign for directions:
"Stand on the red concrete block, and do the " //paste -e " command again. That should fix any ghost blocks, bugs, and put minecart entity in place.
Hope it works!

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