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BaseBuilder Desert 1 []Minigame[]

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avatar Zliced
Level 9 : Apprentice Archer

I bring you my basebuilder map for minecraft. If you do not know what is basebuilder this is a mod for Counter Strike which I wanted to bring to minecraft with no mods. So I made this I hope you like it.

How To Play:
There are two teams: Humans and Zombies. Every team has classes. At the beggining of the game the zombies are locked in a room while the humans have some time to build a base and the hide inside.
After the zombies get free each team has to hunt down the other.
NOTE: When the build time ends the humans get teleported back to their spawn. The point of this TP is that if you made a base which can not be entered you can't be in it.
There is a battle time in which the zombies have to kill the humans.
NOTE: Zombies respawn as long as the humans don't they become spectators.

More HTP in-game!

1. Teams have to be even or at least with one player difference.
2. Zombies can not break blocks.
3. Neither of the two teams are allowed to break the floor, walls,ceiling.
4. Different class humans can not trade items.
5. Blocking the zombie spawn is not allowed.
6. In phase "Battle Time" neither teams can break blocks of all kind.
7. Bases in which zombies can not enter is not allowed.
8. Cheats, hacks are not allowed.
9. Play on peaceful.
10. In phase "Build Time " neither of the two teams are allowed to be in the humans spawn.

You can find more rules in-game!

Both teams have classes from which you can choose.

The zombie classes are as simple as they are written in-game.
The human classes on the other hand are divided into two sub-classes:
Digger classes and Non-Digger classes. Basicaly the digger classes have a digging tool which makes digging the materials for the base easier.

Digger classes:

Non-Digger classes:

You can find the stats about each class in-game.

Hope you enjoy the map. If you do leave a diamond!
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Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 05/11/2017 10:15:14 amMay 11th, 2017

-Added Change Class button in zombie spawn
-New download link

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