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Basketball in Vanilla Minecraft!

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Basketball in Minecraft Using Only Commands! (Java 1.19-1.19.2, Multiplayer Compatible)

Using a data pack from Cloud Wolf on YouTube, snowballs, armorstands, some custom textures and a little very basic (I'm still a beginner) command block magic, I made a simple version of basketball in Minecraft!

Mechanics currently in the game: shooting, passing, steals, blocks (blocking the ball with your player), dribbling (kind of (throwing it on the ground repeatedly))
How to use them: Right click with a ball to throw/shoot it, punch other players to try and steal the ball, and score as many points as you want! Compatible with as many players as you want, you can even just shoot around by yourself!

There is a custom resource pack included in the map files (resources.zip), but if you want a separate pack download, it can be found here: https://download1495.mediafire.com/b4cw9fdc2neg/zsat5w6rcdcktjm/Custom+Basketball+Textures.zip

If you would like to use this on a server, follow these directions:

1a. Have every person download the resource pack individually

1. Find your server's server.properties file.
2. Scroll down to where it says resource-pack=
3. Copy and paste the following after the equals sign:


4. It should now look like this: resource-pack=https\://download.mc-packs.net/pack/4fc7ba06746102209c16a292ab56fb29b57300f6.zip
5. Save your changes to the server.properties file.
6. Make sure server resource packs are enabled in-game and when prompted upon login accept the resource pack.
7. Enjoy!
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