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Battleship Hizen: Imperial Japanese Navy (November 1908)

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Crimist avatar Crimist
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Built using Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.1 and 1.18.2

(May 5, 2022): Final version of the build.

General Characteristics
Normal Displacement (Real World):12,780 Long tons (12,980 t)
Hull Length:118 Blocks Long (excluding extensions)
Hull Beam:21 Blocks Wide (excluding extensions)
Draft:8 Blocks High
Speed (Real World):18 Knots Maximum
Crew Complement (Real World):A total of 796 Officers and Crewmen
4x 12-inch Guns in 2 twin turrets
12x 6-inch Guns in single mounts
10x 3-inch Guns in single mounts (20x guns in wartime)
24x 47mm Guns in single mounts (wartime)
2x 15-inch Torpedo Tubes (submerged)

History up to November 1908:

Originally the Russian pre-dreadnought battleship Retvizan. She was ordered on 2nd May 1898, started construction at Philadelphia in the United States on 29th July 1899, and launched on 23rd October 1900. She was commissioned into the Imperial Russian Navy on 23rd March 1902 and was transferred to the Far East, arriving at Port Arthur on 4th May 1903 and was stationed there until the start of the Russo-Japanese War.

On the night of 8th February 1904, the ship was heavily damaged after a torpedo attack and was repaired for four months. After completion of repairs the ship sortied along with the rest of the fleet on 23rd June in an attempt to escape the Japanese blockade and reach Vladivostok. After a short duel with the Japanese, the fleet commander Rear Admiral Wilhelm Vitgeft ordered the fleet to return to Port Arthur despite having the advantage.

During the Battle of the Yellow Sea (10th August 1904), the Russian fleet was taking heavy fire from the Japanese and Rear Admiral Vitgeft was killed aboard his flagship Tsesarevich. Rear Admiral Pavel Ukhtomsky took command from the battleship Peresvet and ordered the fleet to retreat back to Port Arthur. As the fleet retreated in disarray, Captain Eduard Schensnovich of the Retvizan ordered his ship to charge towards the Japanese fleet to draw the enemy fire away from the retreating Russian fleet. The ship was heavily damaged in this engagement but managed to retreat back to port.

During the Siege of Port Arthur, the ship was sunked in shallow waters by land-based artillery from the Imperial Japanese Army. At this point, Captain Schensnovich is the only senior naval officer left in Port Arthur. He later represents the Imperial Russian Navy in the signing of the surrender of the port on 2nd January 1905. After the war, Schensnovich continued his service in the Imperial Russian Navy and by 1908 was a Vice Admiral and member of the Russian Admiralty Board.

Retvizan was raised by the Japanese on 22nd September 1905 and renamed Hizen. She was repaired at Sasebo Naval Arsenal that lasted for nearly three years starting from 27th November 1905. The repairs were completed in time for the ship to participate in the Imperial Naval Review held at Kobe, Japan from 17th to 18th November 1908. She was part of the 3rd Division of the 1st Fleet under Vice Admiral Hikohachi Yamada. The commanding officer of the ship is Captain Tadamichi Kamaya from the 11th class of the Imperial Naval Academy who commanded the ship since 31st July 1908.


Hi there, my name is Crimist!

This is part of my project called “Imperial Japanese Navy (November 1908)”. In this project, I build warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy present in the Imperial Naval Review held at Kobe, Japan from November 17 to 18, 1908. The first part of this project will consist of Capital Grade Warships. I hope you will like this build.

You can add me on Discord: “Crimist#7427” for more details about this project.

I hope you support this project as well as my other concurrent project called “Project Starfleet 2263” by simply giving Diamonds or Hearts. Anyways, thanks again for the support and see you on my next build!
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