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Beastrinia Pixelmon Server Adventure Map Project

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Annahstas avatar Annahstas
Level 73 : Legendary Pixel Painter
Beastrinia Pixelmon Server Adventure Map Project Minecraft Map
As some of you may know I created the "Annahstas Beastrinia Pixelmon Texture/Resource Pack" inspired by the game Pokemon™. Over the past year without really telling anyone FIlmjolk and I have been building our own Pixelmon Server, with a rather large map now. Some of the builds are inspired by Pokemon™, while a lot are not and completely from our own imaginations. All builds were either built by:


As we move forward with our Pixelmon Server plans we are looking for some more builders who would like to lend a hand and help us out to complete this map that has been in the works for over a year now. We will be adding updates on the project that include "some" images that are not to revealing.

Most of the Plugins are being made for our server as a lot of them are out of date. The plugins will make the server feel as though you are in a real life Pokemon™ world and experience life much like our dear comrade Ash.

We do have a forum post about what kind of builders we are looking for. You can find that post here:

Feel free to private message me if you are interested in joining our team. We are looking for serious applicants only. In the meantime, please enjoy our progress and look forward to a future with an amazing Pokemon™... *cough cough* I mean Pixelmon Server coming to you soon.
CreditAnnahstas, Filmjolk and Rampen88
Progress30% complete

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We Now Have a (Sort Of) Functioning Website! : by Annahstas 07/15/2018 9:51:56 amJul 15th, 2018

As of July 14, 2018 we now have a functioning, well, sort of functioning website for Beastrinia. We ask that you go ahead and make an account on the forum. It is mandatory to use your Minecraft Username as your forum username. We will be updating the website quite a bit over the next couple of weeks or so. So, we would like to apologize in advanced on the confusion or changes that may happen.

Changelog on Website 7/14/2018:

  • Steam “Nyncraft” Page has been updated. (Name cannot be changed, so we are thinking of just making a new group for it.)- Facebook Page Has been Updated as best we can at this point. (Facebook is fighting us on changing the name from “Nyncraft” to “Beastrinia”. They state it doesn’t meet their guidelines, but, won’t explain further. Currently in appeal.)
  • Discord has been properly set up by Topsie_Cow. If bugs occur on our Discord please state them on the forums and tag @topsiecow in the topics post.
  • Edited the Download Page to help new users find the correct Download and Versions of Mods and Texture/Resource Packs needed.
  • Updated Discord Page to help users find a place to chat with us.
  • Added some old faces to our Building Team. (If you would like to apply to join our Building Team, please join our Discord and chat with Annahstas.)
  • We’re looking for suggestions for the forum, to better have it set up so it is easier for you guys. Let us know how we can improve it on the forums page under ‘Suggestions’ forum.

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03/15/2020 5:57 pm
Level 27 : Expert Procrastinator
ziroAU avatar
I love the simplicity of it! 100% brings that classic Pokemon vibe back
03/15/2020 5:57 pm
Level 27 : Expert Procrastinator
ziroAU avatar
everything seems to be discontinued for beastrinia and no download link, me and few mates wouldn't mind doing a complete update and overhaul as well as adding and finishing things. I was going to do something like this but I couldn't quite get it looking like your world.

Let me know as I'll gladly finish it and if i repost, original forum thread link and all creditation will be received of course.
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