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Bedrock 1.14 Automatic Melon Farm

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Bedrock Edition
SlKlRlIlLlLEX avatar SlKlRlIlLlLEX
Level 26 : Expert Narwhal
Was in need of a survival solution for auto melon farming, I used to use the old BUD latch but found myself needing a new compact build, there may be other ways to do this, but this is what I came up with off the top of my head. This is designed for a single melon, but tiling this shouldn't be a huge issue. Personally, melons grow pretty quick, I couldn't see a reason to need more than one, but to each their own.

Items needed:

x1 Comparator
x2 Redstone Torches
x1 Observer
x1 Sticky Piston
x1 Normal Piston
x1 Repeater (With 1 out of 3 ticks)
x1 Redstone Dust
x1 Melon Seed
x1 Hoe (For tilling dirt *glares*)
x1 Dirt
x1 Water
x4 Blocks of your choice (For torch and dust placement)

4x3x2 flat build area (Not including the space needed for the water and dirt)
CreditJust me :D
Progress100% complete

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