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[Bedrock] [MrSwatPL] Little Palace with farmaland | WIP BETA

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Bedrock Edition
MrSwatPL avatar MrSwatPL
Level 26 : Expert Architect
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This project will be in progress for some time until I finish adding:
- Palace
- Fountain
- Hedge
- Gardener's house
- Garage
- Short garden
- Internal Garden
- Path
- Path (sand)
- Shed and many animals!

Time spent so far:
33 hrs

Download these mods if you want to experience everything I have to offer:


If you'd like to stick with me for a much longer time, join my discord!

See you there <3
Progress80% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : 04/11/2021 7:12:16 pmApr 11th

Huge update!

Removed lower iron bars from the shed.
Added chicken coop.
Fence field behind the horse shed, so horses and donkeys can walk around.
Balcony: Added sunbeds, bar station, and beach umbrellas!
Added beehives with flowers around!
Added donkeys to the shed!
Pool for turtles to swim with!
Added she[, lama and panda farm!
Stairs on the roof are protected with the little roof and gates to prevent rain and mobs from getting inside.
The roof now can hold parties.
The glassy ceiling of the attic to watch the stars
A huge hedge around the map to protect everyone inside!
Updated paths with some cobblestone.
Added lamps at the paths!

Feel free to message me with any ideas!

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