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Bellefeuille Palace Project

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avatar CaesarTesta
Level 27 : Expert Sailor
Back in late September, October, and November, I had put in at least 100 hours of construction with several breaks in between, of a large estate, with unique siding and a beautiful front facade. I had planned a glorious garden behind the house, spent several hours (thanks to my anal perfectionism + possible ADD) going back between different areas of the building to make sure all was symmetrical. I had feared that the whole outer walls were off by one block, and that dragged on for almost a month. I finished Archer 3 times over during my time on this project. I was just starting the floors and basement plans when all of a sudden... David f***ing Copperfield showed up and the save was gone.

So I've taken time to try and start back up the project. Startup is slow but I have times where I just wanna go into the sandbox and build away... regardless of the risk of the save being sent into oblivion.

Sorry I hadn't taken anymore photos of the project. Though I believe it gives an idea of the scale of the project I was going for... a titanic house. I did plan on journaling progress here on PMC, but I had figured that would get in the way of work so that is also why I didn't take anymore.

You can see the rear of the house going under some work, those back doors were worked on many times to make it look reeeaaal goooood. Just behind it is the front doors and right side of the front.

Progress will be updated randomly if anyone has the patience and curiosity to wait for the final upload.
Progress25% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 06/18/2018 6:00:24 pmJun 18th

front entirely finished. After the main structure is finished, I will release 2 downloads - #1, No furnished interior (doors, beds, paintings, plants ect.) with walls + basement. #2 One with a full decorative interior with walls + basement. Giving the player the option to do what they want with the save

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Damn... sorry that happened to you. But I'm looking forward to following the project. Looks good so far. (From the bit shown by the screenshot)

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