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Berlin of Albert Speer - Welthauptstadt Germania

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Welthauptstadt Germania or World Capital Germania was the projected renewal of the German capital Berlin during the Nazi period, part of Adolf Hitler's vision for the future of Nazi Germany after the planned victory in World War II. It was to be the capital of his planned "Greater Germanic Reich". Albert Speer, the "first architect of the Third Reich", produced many of the plans for the rebuilt city in his capacity as overseer of the project, only a small portion of which was realized between the years 1938 and 1943.

Some of the projects were completed, such as the creation of a great East–West city axis, which included broadening Charlottenburger Chaussee (today Straße des 17. Juni) and placing the Berlin Victory Column in the centre, far away from the Reichstag, where it originally stood. Other projects, however, such as the creation of the "People's Hall" (Volkshalle), had to be shelved owing to the beginning of war, although a great number of the old buildings in many of the planned construction areas were already demolished before the war. Ultimately war and defeat put an end to all plans.

As a sign of the colossal changes in society, politics and economy, as well as in order to perpetuate the greatness of Germany and its history, the Royal Square was completely rebuilt in the very center of Berlin.
Once its dominant - the Reichstag, entered the architectural ensemble of government buildings, the top of which was the Hall of the People - a huge domed structure with a height of 290 meters. Inside, the giant hall can accommodate 150 thousand people, and at the top the dome is crowned by an eagle holding the globe with its claws.

The ruler's residence, the Fuhrer's Palace, was also erected on the square. Behind the building there is a government garden, where there are fountains and tropical greenhouses.
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Это просто офигенно
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Looks amazing!!! Can we download? I can pay!
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