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Berlingrad Arkadia 1966

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Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Guten Tag :)

the year is 1966 the world is a full fledged dystopia The Arkadian Third Reich took over the world after winning WW2 Ruling over its vast territories like North Korea today

you might be wondering how did Germanic Arkadia win "2. Weltkrieg"

well in the atlantic 1941 the germans found alien temples with technology 2'000 years ahead of the current year we are in today (if not eons )the germans saw how the technology worked with blueprints left behind so they took the blueprints and used the blueprints for infinite possiblities

back at berlin a Kreigsmarine Officer (Axel Peterson Muller III) confessing confessing to a Female SS Officer(Monika E. Anderson) that he likes her
but the only difference is Age and the Military career they are in
she said yes btw (also this will help later in the description)

when the first weapons were built using the blueprints the weapons were used on every battle the germans fought
even on operation barbarossa
but because of that the current fuhrer Herr Hailer decided that "communisim is da whey for arkadia" after the conversion from fascist to communist
the soviets joined the axis and the italians were forced into communisim by the ussr
after the axis won ww2 the fuhrer died in 1952 leaving Axel And Monika in charge renaming the country to arkadia meanwhile a cold war began between gcr and usa lasting from 1945-1957 in 1957 the US was occupied by the GCR IN 1958

civilians ave little to no money almost no privacy
arkadia has 19'544 hytrogen bombs
and has a mars base
has got to the moon
and as far as pluto


Minimum requirements :
core i5 (any kind)
intel grapics 4000
and 16gb ram

big thanks to emperor lucas the first and marlandia for the world and schematics (more will be added soon) enjoy :)
CreditEmperor_Lucas_I & Marlandia
Progress20% complete

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07/03/2022 1:13 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
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big axel is watching you
07/03/2022 11:46 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
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im a tyrant lmao
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