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Berry Tree Hill's Aquarium + Expansion on the Train Red Line

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avatar Pipe_Dani
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect

On this Update Project I've added A New part of the Red Line, which cames from the Aquarium to the Small River Airport T1, and Almost Finished the Aquarium .


In what concerns the Expansion on the Public transportation of the city. The expansion is only to the Red Line and was added the Stop at the Airport Terminal 2 and 1 (two diferent Stops).
In what concerns the Aquarium Its only missing the Staff zone (feeding areas for the water tanks). Due to the fack of a Bug in Minecraft when I go far away from the aquarium the fishes in the tanks dispawn, and that's the reason why the is no fishes on the map and there are on the Project pictures.


For the Summer Vacation Event I've choose the travelling and the science for this project.

If you have any Ideas for this feel free to send me pictures for my instagram.

This Project is the contiuation of this

Progress95% complete

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