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Big Forest Mining Company Item Retrieval System

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DiggerMcGee avatar DiggerMcGee
Level 43 : Master Engineer
It's done! The item retrieval system is finished. Inspired by a designs from youtube artists Ipismai and CobblestoneAndDirt . Make sure to check them out. I borrowed Cobble's one-wide timed loader design for the final product... I made several attempts at reproducing and enhancing their examples. The main goals became to reduce the overall footprint, make it scalable, and most of all practical to use in SMP.

I went through a couple iterations, each attempt running into problems with circuits cross talking and flaking out. Eventually it dawned on me to flip the whole thing around and tuck the mechanism underneath the sorting system. It just clicked from there, and I was able to improve the trigger circuits, compact the footprint to fit neatly under the BFMC Warehouse system (or any standard one at that!), and it will scale to any even numbered bay size (although it might not be practical). NextI really need to make a video explaining the system and fixes you must make due to how the schematics place tracks and droppers...

Let me know what you think. You can now download a zipped world map of the Big Forest Mining Company Item Retrieval SYstem at https://www.diggermc.com/index.php/project/17-big-forest-mining-company-item-retrieval-system.
CreditIpismai, CobblestoneAndDirt
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : 06/24/2019 5:45:33 pmJun 24th, 2019

The Big Forest Mining Company Item Retrieval System now has a download page at https://www.diggermc.com/index.php/project/17-big-forest-mining-company-item-retrieval-system

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07/08/2019 11:11 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Robot
Nitrox Nova
Nitrox Nova avatar
nice job compacting this, very impressive. nametags are a bit difficult to get in survival, but you could always name a different item. Very cool, I would be interested in a video about this
07/08/2019 11:21 pm
Level 43 : Master Engineer
DiggerMcGee avatar
Yeah, the nametag issue is why I haven't installed it on the survival server yet (but I plan to). CobblestoneAndDirt uses regular renamed items, Ipismai's design used nametags. I figured nametags would be harder to counterfeit so I could use this in an economy to supply shops. Shop owners could "buy" tickets to resupply what they need for their shop. That's the concept anyway. Engineering the underground traffic is going to be fun... Thanks for checking it out!
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