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BIGGEST Survival Base | Over 400'000 Blocks | WIP [Download?]

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Welcome to the Imperial palace
Or how I like to call it: How to waste 50x the time you'd normaly need in creative on one build LMAO xd
BIGGEST Survival Base | Over 400'000 Blocks | WIP [Download?] Minecraft Map
Okay, seriousely. I've been working around 35 - 40 hours by now on this project. A big portion of this time was invested in digging down the giant mountain that was where I wanted it to be (I chose the spot because I wanted the biome. That lead to me mining and digging down around 300k stone... And I'm not done yet.)

This build was constructed on a survival server. However I did purchase fly (its unlockable with IGN money on that server), otherwhise this would've been impossible.
What you see by now is the main entrance and the beginning of the first defensive wall. Later I plan to add Pillars, subsections and buildings that are built into the wall (kinda supporting it further)

I would really appreciate if you could show me some love for my attempt. If we hit 30 Diamonds, I'll release a download for it :3

Where is it?

If you know which server this is built on: feel free to check it out ;) But don't tell others, I don't want people to try to claim it. Sorry

Progress15% complete

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