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GIGANTIC! Mata-Nui Adventure Map: BIONICLE HD: LEGEND of the TOA

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PolarMonkey avatar PolarMonkey
Level 24 : Expert Artist

SIX HEROES. ONE DESTINY. That is the BIONICLE slogan used in Lego's cannon back in 2001 when BIONICLE was just released in boxed and canned toys and on the web. It was a new theme for Lego, one that did not match the others; a Lego with a story, a story about six heroes and six heroes who's tragic destiny had just begun on the haunted island of Mata- Nui. Named after their deity, the island of Mata-Nui is cursed by an evil entity known as the Makuta; an evil shadow of ultimate power that opposed everything the Toa stood for. Your only hope to restoring balance to the land of Mata Nui, and awakening the great spirit lies beneath the island, where the Makuta waits for your groups arrival.

Unlike any other Minecraft adventure, you will be able to play as each of these six heroes while on there quest to find the great Kanohii masks of power.
Each character have there own special abilities, granted from each Kanohii mask you find, and their own weaponry.

In this game, you will defeat evil in style with eccentric game-play, untouchable Minecraft graphics and soul-lifting story telling.
Written and produced by PMP (Polar Monkey Productions).

About 40% complete.
Ta- koro 70%
Ta-wahi 90%
Ga-Koro 90%
Ga Wahi 80%
Po-Koro 90%
Po-Wahi 20%
Ko- Koro 60%
Ko- Wahi 70%
Onu-Koro 10%
Onu Wahi 60% (Tunel access located at Ta- Koro and Le-wahi)
Le-Koro 70%
Le-Wahi 5%
Kini Nui 95%
Makuta's Laiar 10%
Bahrag cattacomb 0%
Nui-Rama Hive 0%
Randomly placed Mask finding Quests 10% (one at Ta-Wahi, nonoperational)


Progress35% complete

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10/07/2019 12:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Lord_Eugeniusz avatar
Bionicle: the best toy universe ever created <3

I hope, you'll find time to finish it cause I see, the progress slowed down last times... When map will be finished, you can count for Youtube series from me ^^
09/02/2016 2:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Jowm1 avatar
This looks great! It's good to see a Mata Nui map that's being done with a respectable size and detail. If there are two things I could just beg you for, it would be for, 1. Accuracy, please, please, check everything against not only MNOG, which gives a good visual but isn't the most accurate source, but against all the representations of the island and its features. The map looks awesome so far and I'd love to see it finished as a detailed replica of the island. And 2. Please please finish it and provide the download when you do. More than one Mata Nui project on here were either not finished or aren't downloadable even though they're finished, and both of those scenarios are totally frustrating and disappointing. But I'm so glad you're doing this! It looks awesome so far and I can't wait for future progress!
09/29/2016 2:04 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
PolarMonkey avatar
Thanks for the feed back! i'm planing on having as much detail from all of Christian Faber's saga, including MNOG, BIONICLE The Game, MNOG II, and BIONICLE the movie because the island is so (f***ing) big that its barely going to be filled with enough detail (meaning there is so much room... why not add some working spiral doors from 'BIONICLE the game' somewhere?) right now i have every village roughly built with some minor detail in important places, and the blockwork is as accurate as i can make it. There are however some parts of the island in which i would like to dedicate "free style" blockwork, such as all of the tombs, caves, and passage ways that the Toa find underneath and above the island when looking for the great Kanohi masks (because there is little to no detail described in Lego's artwork and design team in any of their media about these chalenges besides the book series and the trashed LEGEND OF THE TOA videogame which had elemental monsters, environmental hazards, and wild rahi as the chalenges that the Toa faced).

You should help out! my friend in Australia has a server going but we never log on because were too lazy! here is the server name SpaceCraftMC.serv.nu

(also, i don't know why everyone is saying please provide the download.... b-cus the download is available???? :| )
07/12/2016 11:51 am
Level 22 : Expert Blockhead
brickman940 avatar
any required mods?
07/26/2016 12:21 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
PolarMonkey avatar
No required mods, i would recommend you use Optifiine, for there will be updates that require some texture modifications in the future. however i would recommend the shaders mod, the mo bends mod and a mod that allows you to hold 2 weapons simultaneously.
05/31/2016 9:47 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
BlockyAnubis avatar
this looks amazing! Keep up the good work! I'm so excited to finally see another Bionicle project for Minecraft that doesn't seem to be dead.
04/16/2016 12:59 am
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
maximeman445 avatar
Btw, I couldn't help but notice the mistake: "Onewa" is the turaga in Mata-nui, not the toa. You're confusing with Onua ;)
We're still waiting for this!
04/18/2016 3:02 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
PolarMonkey avatar
ok fixed! thanks

btw im not quite done yet but the 64x64 minecraft "metru nui" pack is on its way

03/04/2016 4:28 am
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant avatar
Looks great so far! Keep up the fantastic work!
02/29/2016 4:13 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
PolarMonkey avatar
Go ahead and download guys! its not 100% finished but enjoy while i finish it :)
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