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Blackwood Village

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avatar Stealth_Gamer
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
You find yourself in Blackwood Village, an abandoned hamlet which seems frozen in time...

You find notes from an explorer who discovered this long forgotten town and was never heard from again...


This is for voting for the final battle!!

This map is for version 1.12.2 and its only the first part, I am going to update it to be complete and upload a separate project if you have already played the map, also vote for how good the map is over here


Progress100% complete

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  • Stealth_Gamer
  • Level 9
  • Apprentice Architect
  • August 23, 2018, 3:46 am
  • KrotasMC
  • Level 1
  • New Crafter
  • July 18, 2018, 10:40 am
Ummm... Hi
Thanks for commenting!!!
Sorry i wont be offline i just cant use mincraft
Sorry guys, i wont be able to make the update/sequel and i will be offline for about 2 weeks
My review of the map

Make sure to give feedback to both me and the creator. <3
I cant get to the review
Fixed it!
Thank you for your honesty, I did make an update with fixes and command blocks
Thank you! I will check it out and try to make an updated review!
When do you think youll be done?
Most likely tomorrow or Wed.
Overall, I'd say this is a very good first map. I particularly like the architecture of the tower. It looks very nice. If you watch the video, you will see what may be some small glitches such as inescapable holes, but it could just be my own incompetence. I would also recommend having the paths set into the ground rather than raised above it. I don't know why, but it just looks kind of weird the way you had it. I also noticed that the insides of the building were a bit barren. Perhaps a little interior decoration next time? If you're interested, Grian has several great videos on how to make different furniture and other decorations. As for the story, I'm really interested to see where it goes in what I assume will be the next map. All of the weird time stuff requires an explanation :P

Here's my video of the map. I hope you enjoy :)

  • AhOkayThen
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Fisherman
  • July 14, 2018, 7:39 am
I have no idea what to do when going to the mansion, I explored everywhere but cant get into the mansion because you cant break anything
you need to go to the reception
You need to go through paintings, its a hidden room area
  • AhOkayThen
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Fisherman
  • July 14, 2018, 9:24 am
I went through the paintings in the manor and got the stuff in reception. What now?
you need to find hidden ladders in one room and use them in the other
  • AhOkayThen
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Fisherman
  • July 14, 2018, 9:35 am
No, I'm finished with the mansion. I meant what do I do now?
there is a tool in the mansion which takes you to the end portal
  • AhOkayThen
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Fisherman
  • July 14, 2018, 10:59 am
I've been there and "HELL"
Then you got a button? You need to use it at the outhouse then there's a place with floating terracotta and you'll be able to access it
By more content, i mean mobs and bosses.

I didnt use command blocks because im not so good with them but ill do some research
Im going to add more content too the map if i get 5 diamonds
  • Skyball
  • Level 30
  • Artisan Engineer
  • July 13, 2018, 11:27 am
Hi there!
I just finished playing the map. It was definetely not a professional, but it was the first one you ever created and for that it was really good. I personally found 74 diamonds out of 100. I espacially liked the house you couldn't escape without going through the paintings and doing the room above. That one was actually really good game design. My first map was really bad in comparison to yours.
However, I also liked the look of the buildings. They look really nice. The only thing I can complain about are the pathes. I didn't recognise them at first.
And maybe do a few things with commands, as they make it way more easy to travel large distances with one click and allow for cool effects.
A good map!
The patches hide another chest and im not good with comand blocks, but thanks for the feedback!
Sounds pretty cool. I'll let you know what I think after I give it a play :D
So did you play it yet?
Thanks man
Please give me feedback on the map

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