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Bloky Foods Grocery Store - Greenfield Project

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again for another build, this time a Bloky Foods Grocery Store! This guy will be available for your exploration when Greenfield v0.5.4 comes out, but in the meantime, enjoy this Planetminecraft post. I finished this store about 8 months ago, so its been sitting for quite a while and I figured "why not post it". Unlike some of my other builds, it doesn't have a long complex backstory. Oh wait yes I do, you were hoping for a short description weren't you? Na, thats not my thing so here we go....

Bloky Foods is an imaginary brand that's taken up residence in Greenfield. And yes, Bloky is spelled wrong so both words have 5 letters in them (which makes them fit nice on a banner sign). The chain Bloky Foods is based off of the real American grocery store chain Food Lion. There isn't much special about that particular brand, I just have fond memories of visiting them whenever my family would go down to North Carolina for the beach.

In terms of building style, to keep with Greenfields LA style, this grocery store building was based off of a few grocery stores located in Norwalk, CA. I wish I could link you an exact real life building, but since its been so long I've lost the reference and this building was more of a mashup of a couple located in Norwalk instead of just one reference. I designed the interior of the grocery store to have that early 2000's era astetic. Not new enough to look modern but not old enough to look dated.

This grocery store contains a deli, a produce section, and a bakery along with your standard frozen section. The deli provides house made cured meats and the bakery provides MTO cakes to purchase. Outside and inside there are also plant displays to purchase. This is by no means a large grocery store, but you will find that it meets most of your day to day needs.

That's it for now folks, hope you enjoy!

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