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BloodCraft Episode 1 - The Way of All Flesh [WiP]

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avatar Djigallag
Level 51 : Grandmaster Artist
An attempt to recreate levels of the 1997 game "Blood" by Monolith using Minecraft.

[Work In Progress]
E1M1: Cradle to Grave - 100%

E1M2: Wrong Side of the Tracks - 20%

Long time ago, along with my Blood texturepack I was trying to recreate Blood maps using Minecraft, but that maps was lost due to hard drive loss. Now It's time to redo my work again!

This map is meant to be played with my BloodCraft texture pack:

Map is meant to be played in Adventure mode, but this is the feature that will be fully implemented only when I will complete all levels, so you're free to change the game mode using the console commands, they are enabled.

Known Issues:
Friendly animals spawns all over the place, this may ruin the immersion for a bit.
Enemies spawns too random
The proportion of outdoors\indoors are not exactly accurate comparing to the original game.
Progress15% complete

11/30/2018 11:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Keep it up, dude!

It's really awesome and sweet!

I wish someday someone can make full resource packs and maps of Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, ShdowWarrior, Quake, Half-Life and etc.!

Blood was a legend of build engine!

I was played in Blood yesterday!
11/30/2018 8:24 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Artist

I'd recommend you to check out this site - I am more than sure that I saw some Doom and Quake texture packs.

I was intended to make a Quake pack too, but it was very basic and I decided to not submit it here, first because quake has almost no sprites to work with, and second - because I saw a similar pack here, and I don't want to copycat someone else's work.
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