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Boeing 737-200 (Standard, Combi, and Cargo) [3:1 Scale] (+DOWNLOAD) (21w06a SNAPSHOT ONLY)

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Scarx28 avatar Scarx28
Level 26 : Expert Architect

You may use my builds on a server or review them in a video BUT YOU MUST GIVE ME CREDIT FOR THE BUILD.

I built this on the latest snapshot (21w06a)

This build uses the Aeroteam resource pack
Aeroteam Temp Site - Resourcepack

My first 3:1 Aircraft and I thought I'd start small with a 737-200.

This collection features a Standard Passenger Aircraft, combi, and all cargo.

The standard and all cargo have glass cockpits, which means screens instead of steam gauges. These aircraft do not have the eyebrows on them.

However the combi does have the eyebrows and it uses steam gauges and cockpit eyebrows.

These aircraft have interiors, wheel wells, forward and aft cargo holds, main cargo deck, standard seating arrangement (3-3 with right side having a wider middle seat).

Feel free to build any livery on the plane or even change up the seating arrangements!

Length: 92 metres
Wingspan: 85 metres
Height: 34 metres
Engines: 2 x JT8D
Progress100% complete
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