BR Class 370 Intercity APT-P

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The APT-P was the world's first tilting train, invented by BR research. It changed the railway world, even though it was seen as a failure. Unfortunately because of drunk journalists, and bad press on the train, as well a lack of political will to take the project foward, only 8 were built, and the patents were flogged off to Italy.

The model I've made depicts 370008 formed of 8 coaches, 4 different types. A full set would feature 16 coaches. I've depicted an accurate representation of the stock, from the power cars to the cab.

If you'd like to use this on your map, please credit me through my PMC account, or this post. If you'd like a tutorial on this, please ask.

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Update #2 : 11/11/2016 6:01:17 pmNov 11th, 2016

Added Network Southeast livery version one.
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