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Breitspurbahn 1950s

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Disclaimer: I do not support National Socialism, this was just made for fun.

The Breitspurbahn (Broad-Gauge Railway) was one of the mega-projects of the German National Socialists. Several routes were planned across Europe and would be used by double-deckered trains on wide tracks. The locomotives were planned to run either on steam, diesel, or electricity although it is not specified which lines would be electrified. Freighters were planned to transport resources and goods between the new Nazi Empire. Passenger trains were also planned as trains that had shorter routes would have 5 cars while passenger trains with longer routes would have 8 cars. They were meant to run between the major cities in the Reich and other countries. The passenger trains would have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class accommodations. This project aims to make 4 of these colossal trains, some of the stuff made from the Chisels and Bits mod. One of these trains will be a freighter while the other three will be short and long distance passenger trains with one of them being electric.

After the NSDAP seized power, the government planned to modernise the German railway and increase the transport capacity. Some new diesel and electric locomotives in Germany had begun to operate. Hitler thought this wasn't enough and thought that there needed to be a bigger gauge railway then the standard one. He envisioned his future empire would be connected by autobahns and railways as much of it would be inland. Experts objected to these plans and thought it would be very difficult to build a new wide gauge railway across long distances, nonetheless Hitler ignored them and ordered the Breitspurbahn to built after the war. Throughout WW2 there were 100 officials and 80 engineers who worked on the project.

The new railways were ultimately planned to be 3000mm wide, more than twice the width of the standard gauge (1435mm).

There were several routes planned for this new railway (source: Wikipedia)
East-West: (Persia / India - Baku) Rostov - Stalino - Poltava (Odessa/Stalingrad) - Kharkov) - Kiev - Lemberg - Krakow - Katowice - Breslau - Cottbus - Germania (Berlin) - Hanover - Bielefled - Ruhr Area - (Netherlands) - Aachen - Antwerp - Ghent - Paris - (Brest) and Aachen - Liege - Saint-Quetin - Paris and Germania - Breslau - Warsaw - Minsk - Leningrad - (Finland) / Moscow, Kazan (- Khabarovsk - Vladivostok/ - Kazakhstan - Afghanistan - India/ - Yakutsk) , Rostov - Moscow - Leningrad, and Hamburg - Germania - Konigsberg - Riga - (Moscow) / Vilnius (- Minsk - Kiev)
North-Southeast: (Netherlands) - Hamburg - Wittenberge - Germania - Leipzig- Gotha - Bamberg - Nuremberg - Munich - Simbach am Inn - Linz - Vienna - Pressburg - Budapest - Belgrade - Bucharest - Varna / Burgas - Istanbul - (Sryia) and Budapest - Bucharest
North-South: Germania - Dresden - Aussig - Prague - Jihlava - Znojmo - Vienna - (Trieste - Rome)
East-West II: (Moscow - Kiev - Pressburg) - Munich - Augsburg - Stuttgart - (Ruhr Area) - Karlsruhe - (Marseille - Spain) - Metz- Reims - Paris

Class System & Cars
The Breitspurbahn was planned to use the 3 classes like the DRB has used before. The shorter distance trains would have included bars and lounges while the express trains would have had a restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, and barbershop.
Designed cars included:
  • 1st/2nd class day car: 48 first class seats in 12 compartments, 144 second class seats in 24 compartments, bar, lounge, reading room, luggage compartments, 12 toilets.
  • 3rd class day car: 460 seats in 56 compartments, lounge, 12 toilets.
  • 1st/2nd class dining car: 130 seats at 24 tables, kitchen, pantry.
  • 3rd class day car with dining room: 244 seats in 28 compartments, 176 seat dining room, kitchen, pantry.
  • 1st/2nd class sleeping car: 16 first class beds in 16 cabins, 41 second class beds in 19 cabins, breakfast room, kitchen, washrooms, 10 toilets.
  • 2nd class sleeping car: 104 beds in 104 cabins, washrooms, 12 toilets.
  • 3rd class sleeping car: 264 beds in 44 cabins, breakfast room, kitchen, shower rooms, 10 toilets.
  • Day/night car for Ost-Arbeiter: 480 seats in 52 cabins, kitchen, washrooms, staff room.
  • Cinema car: 196 seat cinema.
  • Observation car: 16 first class seats in 4 compartments, 32 second class seats in 8 compartments, 160 third class seats in 20 compartments, galley, cold buffet, bar, observation deck.
  • Mail car: mail storage and sorting, parcel space, crew room, space for 6 automobiles, dog kennels.
  • Baggage car: baggage rooms, space for 2 automobiles, dog kennels, canteen, crew room, multiple 20 mm anti-aircraft guns, ammunition storage and gun crews.
Source: Wikipedia

New Stations
In Germania (Berlin) two colossal stations at each end of the north-south axis were planned. The Suedbahnhof was planned to be larger than the Grand Central Terminal in NYC. It would have replaced the Potsdamer and Anhalter stations as they would be decommissioned by the Avenue of Splendours - the Anhalter Bahnhof would have become a swimming pool while the fate of Potsdamer Bahnhof is unknown. The Nordbahnhof would have replaced the Lehrter Bahnhof as it was planned to be demolished to make way for the Volkshalle. Munich Hauptbahnhof would have been demolished to make way for the east-west axis. A new circular domed station would have replaced it being further west than the old one. Linz Hauptbahnhof would have also been demolished to make way for the Fuehrer Musuem. A new station was planned further south.

Planned Trains for this project for now
Express Train with 3rd Class and Ost-Arbeiter
Express Train with 1st & 2nd Class
Passenger Train with 2nd & 3rd class
Freight Trains
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