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Bridge Wars (Minecraft Minigame) - UPDATED

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avatar SkyXen
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Bridge Wars in Minecraft! (Minecraft Minigame)

This Minecraft minigame was inspired by the Terraria gamemode.
Two teams build bridges to reach the enemy team's base and destroy it, sounds simple? Well, each team is equipped with an infinity bow and armor. There are also small "planetoids" with loot and... Mobs.

Basic Rules:
1) You can only take one set of weapons and armour, but as many wool blocks as you want.
2) You can only place and break wool blocks.
3) Choose one team and stay with that team for the rest of the game. (The /spawnpoint command wasn't working for command blocks so you have to re-select your team upon dying)
4) If someone spawns outside of the map's spawn area, simply teleport them there and continue as usual.
5) No cheats.
6) Have fun and enjoy the gamemode.

Extra Notes:
This is my second Minecraft map, so it may not be as good as most other maps, but I did try my best to tweak the Terraria gamemode into Minecraft and I am pleased with the outcome.
For more information on any upcoming projects of mine, go to my youtube channel: SkylanderXen.

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07/05/2013 10:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ME and my friends have a really really fun time with this map:D its really fun 5 vs 5:D
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